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If on a cell phone, please view in landcape when placing your order.


No community is complete if there is no way to give back to the people who are in need. Whether it is for a community project or a hand up, you can set up your Giving Campaign and share it throughout TrueAwesome and all other social media. Donated funds are deposited directly to your Paypal account after a $1 service charge that just pays for the transfer fees.

“Give Backs”

While not necessary, a “Give Back” may help your campaign raise more funds. One rule though, you cannot offer a “Give Back” worth over $500 – sorry folks that is what Paypal tells us.

Please be Advised

Fundraising is highly regulated by government agencies. By setting up your campaign, you are stating that you are not funding illegal activities. , TrueAwesome along with Paypal are required produce the records on any donations if subpoenaed.

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