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Facebook provides a positive and rewarding social media experience that celebrates the success and awesomeness of all its members. was born out of the desire to reward people who frequently support independent artist, authors, artisans, content creators and musicians while giving a platform for everyone to connect.  Originally dubbed “”, grew to include fully featured social media, shopping, blogging, podcasting, and paid event ticketing applications making the only place you need to gofor community driven activities.  Not to mention with the addition of A-Wire Social Media Manager, can help establish powerful campaigns on all your social media.

facebookad a wireAt, you are rewarded for being social. Every time you post a status, upload content, or participate in discussions you are awarded points. These points are then used throughout the site to purchase products from the market or event tickets. The good news is, that no matter if the member uses points or Paypal, the vendor gets paid!

Did we mention that is 300% green? We are hosted on Green Geeks, a recognized EPA Green Power Partner that works with environmental foundations to purchase wind energy credits to put back into the grid three times (3X) the amount of energy we consume. Pretty cool right?

With 4 different membership levels that range from free to no more than $10 a month, there is a plan to satisfy your needs while not being a burden on your budget.

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