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6 Tips for Changing Your Life Today

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bright pathHow many people here are living the perfect life? You have done everything you have ever wanted to do and if you took your last breath in this moment you would die a happy person?  I know that mine isn’t but it is getting better every day.


6 Things I am doing to make my life better today

Start it in a better place– Before you get out of bed, take the time to connect with your higher power. Be thankful for the many blessings you have already. Luxuriate in the fact that the bed is comfy, the pillow under your head, and possibly the person (or fur baby) that is cuddled up next to you.  The mission is to set your focus on what is right.  Reach for the happiest thought you can find and revel in its exquisiteness.

Get Centered- It can be as little as five minutes or as much as an hour, but make it a daily practice before you leave the house that you get still and focus on your breathing. I tend to do many little meditations instead of one big one.  May I suggest doing this with your morning coffee?  Meditation is single minded focus after all.  There is nothing that doesn’t say that coffee can’t be your focus.  Most people know not to mess with you until after the first cup anyways right? Get in your favorite chair or couch with your first cup of coffee. Then, enjoy the sensation of the warmth on your hands, the smell of the fresh brewed nectar of the Gods as you pull the cup deliberately up to your lips and take the fist sip.  Let this be unhurried and repeated, and when you start thinking about the to do list, the mess from the night before, the kid’s dance lessons or basketball practice just lovingly and gently return your thoughts to the coffee. Then after you have a half of cup of unhurried deliberate coffee ask yourself what you can do today to better your life, who do you need to reach out to, and what can I do to make someone else’s day better? Then sit back and let your Source, your Higher Power fill in the answers while you finish your coffee.

Get Inspired – After you center yourself take some time to get inspired. Listen to a Ted Talk, Abraham Hicks, Joyce Meyers, Tony Robbins or any number of inspirational leaders that can get your day going.  You can do this easily by using your YouTube App on your phone.  Carry it with you as you get dressed, brush your teeth, curl your hair (or polish the dome in my case) or driving the kids to school.  You can find a message in any length of time you are looking for from 5 minutes to 5 hours.  The choice is yours to make. 

Change Your Standard- One of the reasons that I stayed in my past relationship so long is because my ex did so many of the mundane everyday things that it was difficult to think of my life without him.  The man loves doing laundry, would busy himself by cleaning the bathroom and would bring me snacks and tea as I worked before rubbing my feet.  It was really hard to give up because I had lowered my standard of myself to allow him to do everything for me.  It came to the point I felt I couldn’t do these things.  You can ask Patricia Logan what it was like staying with me for a weekend in Atlanta.  I had piles of garbage around my computer nest although there was a garbage can right under where I was sitting.  I just forgot that Eddie wasn’t going to take care of it for me.  Since he has been gone, I realized how crazy those thoughts were.  Not to mention how much more organized I am when I do them compared to how he did them.  My new standard is that there is never any garbage in the livingroom, I do not stack things on that table and there are only 2 blankets, one covering the bottom of the couch because Tedd likes to burry things and one to cover up with if I get chilled.  It may seem trivial to you, but I can tell you that little change has made a big difference on how I see myself. Especially after shoveling snow for the fifth time last Sunday. My new standard is that I keep up on the housework and things to make my life more neat and orderly. I do not let thing pile up till they become unmanageable.

Change your Perception- On Tuesday and Friday ever week, I pick up and deliver dry cleaning out by the lakes.  For a while I called these my “drive around in circles” days because it seemed that all I did was drive from one circle to another till one day I decided that I was going to listen to Abraham Hicks while doing it.  Then I started seeing the beauty of everything around me: the sun on my face, the view of the lakes, or even the way the sun glistened off the snow making it look like little stars in a field of white. They are now my inspiration days. I spend half of the day being inspired and the other half inspiring others.  After listening to at least two hours of motivation, I ask my Source who I need to talk to and almost always someone’s face comes up.  It makes my day to hear their voice and by the end of the conversation, I know that we were both inspired.

I still drive around in circles all day through the snow and the traffic, I just changed how I think about it and now enjoy the time I have.

Take Inspired Action-It was on one of these inspiration days that I came to terms with the end of my relationship. I was in a spot that I need to concentrate on but knew I wanted to talk to Rev. John about an issue I was having regarding the end of my relationship.  I was going over my talking points and how to phrase the question which was, “If my job is to find the path of least resistance and be happy, why would I get rid of my ex?”  In my head, clear as if I were on the phone I heard, “Because he is good for the life you have not the life you want.” 

How many things are we holding onto that no longer serve us? How many rituals and beliefs about ourselves our circumstances that we can just let go of? Many times this step is overlooked in the Law of Attraction teachings.  Abraham – Hicks puts it like this: “When the moment is right, my feeling of responding will be clear to me.  Until then, everything is all right.”

So I have an inspired action for you.  This week, I want you to take a vacation from your normal routine.  Pretend you are here from out of town and are looking at the sites for the first time.  Take a different way home from work, take a walk through your town, or maybe with all this snow go sledding.  The mission is to take a picture to remember the vacation and share it with us on Facebook.  Hopefully, this inspired action will help you see your world slightly differently and help you to take more inspired action towards your True Awesome Life.


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