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#WIPiTuP What is she was born a he? #queer #romance #cyber

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I've got something new for you this week :DI've got something new for you this week :D


(If you don't see a comment box at the bottom of the post, please click on the post title. There is often more to read than you can see at first. I also tend to be NSFW)


I'm working on my blogspot blog, deleting things that were already viewed and not worth reblogging, pulling down some "special for the blog" fiction. I'm dividing them into 2 files for books-down-the-road, one focused on Vala's Story, the other focused on anything but that. Today I'm sharing a snippet from a story I wrote exploring what it would be like if I fan who happened to be a trans woman asked if we could explore a long distance relationship.

hi joelle. i hope you don't mind the random email. i've been reading your blog since you started. among all the education, the bdsm, I've loved getting to read about you and your Master.

ah. i hope you don't think i'm some crazy stalker, but i hope it's a good feeling to have a fan. but I want to be more than just a fan. Hope to be more than just a fan.

please message me on facebook if you're willing to talk more. and please feel free to to share my profile with your Master. I decided that I'd be brave and give you my real name, as you've decided to be so out about being a lifestyle submissive, an erotica writer, a sex worker.


chyna smith. yes, chyna is my real name. you'll understand when you get on my facebook.

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