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#Taboo2sday Vala Dresses Me Down

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#Taboo2sday Vala Dresses Me Down


Taboo so often is in the eye of the beholder. Sure I can say words that make some uncomfortable, but the idea of initiating intimacy, even if that's what my Master wants, is challenging for me. Why is it taboo for me to initiate sex- if only in my own head?



Vala stared at me. "Is it that you're really that submissive, or do you not like your Master putting some of the work of intimacy on your shoulders?"


I wrinkled my nose, not wanting to consider if Vala's question held any truth. "Prostate!"


"Don't pull that shit on me, just because it amused your BDSM friend online." Vala ran her fingers through Eoin's hair as he knelt at her feet.


"How can you as a switch understand what I'm going through?"


Vala rolled her eyes at me. "Just please him."




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