Lady Audrey arrives to find The Queen upset #WIPiTuP #MF

WIPimage1 I had this idea to share a scene from my 4th Vala's Story book- planned title "The Beginning of Knowledge: Book Four," but then I looked at my blogspot blog to find that I indeed already had (and you resoundingly said I should keep it in :D) and so instead I'm going to share something that I'm currently working on. You see, there's a huge plot twist in "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" that includes a mention of Lady Audrey. When The Queen doesn't call her in a timely manner, she comes to visit in "...Knowledge..."


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#HAHABT Prize, life, and some fiction tomorrow

Yeah, I'm just having a rough time. Lots of not posting, not reading, rather than unleash my anger at people who at most only slightly deserve it and worst, don't deserve it at all. Hence my non-participating in many hops I normally do :(

However tomorrow I will be doing Wip It Up Wednesday. Here's the hop's sign up page if you've never checked it out: The focus is works-in-progress or WIPs from erotic/romance authors. I still need to sign up and choose for sure what I'm sharing, but I know I'm going to share something from the 4th book in my Vala's Story series/serial.

Of course there was the fun and learning in the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi-, and Transphobia hop. I've pulled a random name for the prize of a $10 gift certificate for Blushing Books (and isn't it great that they have a GLBT section?). The name pulled is KimberlyFDR. If you haven't enjoyed my bit of chat with Lady Audrey, the trans woman love of The Queen, please go here

I went to buy a butt plug #Taboo2sday


Didn't know I'd get something together :D Popped a friend's "Jesus Christ Superstar" cherry by showing him 2 versions back to back :D But here's something fun and not too taboo- to me :D

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The Queen misses Lady Audrey #masturbationMonday


Having shared a conversation I had with Lady Audrey for the Hop Against Homophobia, Bi-, and Transphobia yesterday, today's Masturbation Monday prompt made me think of The Queen thinking about her. The hop continues through 5/24 and so does your chance to win a $10 gift certificate if you read and comment (and more than just your email addy please :D). But here, The Queen's taking care of himself.

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Vala offers Lady Audrey... something :D #FF #FFFiction

Women-loving Women Hop-a

I was working on promotional materials for my 3rd Vala's Story book and that got me thinking about Lady Audrey. I think you've already met her on this hop :D. In books 4 and 5 of the serial, I have a bunch of rewriting that will increase her presense in the story. Today I share the beginnings of a scene with her and Vala.


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There is nothing wrong with you, you are just a lazy bitch!

“We are the creators of reality, not the facers of reality” Abraham Hicks

I don’t think it has been a secret that I have had a challenging month. Between those pesky feelings showing up and some technical issues that have me scrambling for sanity, I have been feeling drained and really downtrodden. Isn’t it glorious to know that life has peaks and valleys? Yeah I don’t always buy it either.11248075_10207257483621756_7458045530433546901_n

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Genre, Subgenre? #BDSM #erotica #eroticromance #menage

ARe-OutofthenightcoverOh the dance of genre, sub-genre. "Straight contemporary romance," "spanking fiction," "erotica," "erotic romance," "f/f," "m/f," "m/m," "LGBTQ lit," "BDSM erotica," "historical," "fantasy," "menage," "sci-fi," "Regency." I've seen these words and phrases, sometimes alone, sometimes together, describing some book. Whether they actually fit the book is always debatable to me.

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Points of View

pointofview-1-638Choosing a narrative point of view to write from is a very personal thing. Personally I feel most comfortable writing from a third person perspective. In this article I'm going to talk a little about the main four types. I'm going to try and simplify things a little because in doing my research for this article I've found that it's never explained in less than a few thousand words.

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Lady Audrey Speaks #HAHABT

HAHABT 2015While I'm overjoyed to see bisexual added to the name of this hop, it's a trans woman character I've been thinking of- Lady Audrey from my "Vala's Story" serial.

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Five Women in Lust #WIP #WIPiTuP

WIPimage1Check out our works-in-progress... you might just get to enjoy something smoking hot!!

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Cron Job Starts