whY this isn't X, Y, or Z #SpanksA2Z #MasturbationMonday

A2Z-logo2015Masturbation-Monday-badge-small stuff and life

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W is for Warmachine #SpanksA2Z


And here is the geekery- the post about Warmachine a miniature wargame that's a common topic in my household.

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Tabitha clicks on Bina's blog #FFFiction

Women-loving Women Hop-aI still don't have my answers this morning as I listen to morning worship from General Assembly (I'm a Unitarian Universalist).

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All About the Birds, the Bees, and the Rest Areas - Lessons Learned Coming Out with a Gay Older Brother


With the passing of my brother, I have remembered so many happy and some not so happy moments that I haven’t thought of in years. You see, my brother is both the most loving and the most viciously protective of all of my siblings. He was never one to back down from a fight and often held grudges till either you repented or revenge was had.

Through his life there were themes that kept coming up, lessons that he would group together, and little witticisms that permeated his vocabulary. We often would joke that he should write a book and call it All About the Birds, the Bees, and the Rest Areas a Gay Man’s Guide to Backroom Etiquette. Today I would like to share just a few of the ones that have been truly meaningful to me.

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U is for uretheral sound, V is for vasectomy and virtual #SpanksA2Z

 A2Z-logo2015Because of my brain fart yesterday, you get a two-fer today, U and V. And V has two words. Aren't you lucky? :D

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Um, sex, The Queen and Lady Audrey having sex #WIPiTuP

So the link for my #SpanksA2Z post will have to be updated here once I've written it- I'm a bad, bad girl and my mind's stalling out as I try to stay up later to switch to "living on 2nd shift." I decided after cruelly teasing for weeks that I'm going to give you want you've all been dying for this week. :D Enjoy!

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T is for Tammy #SpanksA2Z

A2Z-logo2015So this is longer than the 8 to 10 sentences allowed for the #Taboo2sday hop, hence why that post is here and I'm giving you this longer post to enjoy here.

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T is for Taboo #Taboo2sday #SpanksA2Z

taboo tuesday imageSorry :D, I couldn't resist myself- my plan for T is Tammy but I decided to do it on "taboo." You can read "Tammy" here.

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S is for Snugly Cuddle Time- which isn't code for a BJ #SpanksA2Z #MasturbationMonday

BOTTOM! Because snuggles are good :D

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P, Q, and R are for Play, Quick, and Reality TV #SpanksA2Z

A2Z-logo2015 So my bipolar has been acting up- mood swings, feeling unwanted, blah- so you get to enjoy a 3-in-1 post today...

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Cron Job Starts