31 And It Is

This week’s Mantra we have music from Stereoshock, Dozin, and Danny David. If you like this podcast please take a moment to share it with a friend! Now sit back, put your feet firmly on the ground, and we will begin.

We start by taking a deep breath letting our bodies sink into where they connect to the Earth. It may be your feet, it may be your seat, or it may be both. Feel that connection now. There is nothing wrong in this moment. There is nothing you have to fix. You are perfect, whole, and complete just as you are. You do not have to do anything or be anything  to be more perfect. Just let go of the tension and the strain you have been holding. That bolder you have been pushing up the endless mountain. Feel the strain leave your forehead, your shoulders, your chest, your tummy, your hips, your thighs, and your toes.

Everything is working out for you. There is only a flow of goodness coming from the Universe. You see it every day from the sun shining out the window to the smile on a passing stranger’s face. All is well. You are safe. You can just be here in this moment and enjoy.

Each moment is a gift, the ups, and downs of life’s roller coaster. It is all perfect. We just have to see it takes some downs to enjoy our ups, some bitter to enjoy the sweet. Life is a dance and sometimes it feels as if we are spinning out of control until you crash against the wall or someone balances you for your leap. We have to take the leap. To allow ourselves to feel the love and the joy and not wallow in the hurt and the pain. We create our reality by what we allow our attention.  We can live small lives of hurt and despair or we can get out of our heads and into action to create our and. Remember that you are loved! My name is JP Adkins, and this is my Mantra.

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