28 Rise

What excuse are you holding onto that is keeping your from your dreams.Mantra is for the people who realize that if you are on a higher vibration (feeling happy, energized, fulfilled, moved, hyped) you have a better experience when facing the world. The first few minutes are designed to get you centered and focused; the rest of the time is to move your vibration to get you into the peak state of well-being ready to attack the world!
This week we will rise with music from Sound Celestial Orchestra, Doezin, and Gio Nailati!

We start today by focusing on our breath, how it goes in, how it come out, how each cell takes just a little before letting the waste out. Let that clean gift of air fill your body and bring you new revitalizing energy. You can take the weight of the world off your shoulders for a few moments. Any thoughts that come up you can swipe away like an unwanted notification on your phone. You can always just check the app when you are done. This is your time to just focus on your breath. Imagine the in breath as a pure, white light shining on any darkness, making the shadows disappear.
As I was preparing for today, I kept hearing the words of Dr. Maya Angelou ringing through my ears.

You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

How much of our lives are spent letting other’s thoughts of us dictate what we can and cannot do? We have to look a certain way, speak a certain way, say just the right words and have just the right actions. Then we ourselves turn around and set limitations on ourselves like I am sick, or I am broke, or I am wrong, I am fat, or I am thin, or I am stupid, I am weak or I am tired. We use these as excuses for living a small life. I am broke so I can’t afford my dream, or I am stupid so I can’t live my dream.
We have all seen someone do something that we thought was impossible or at the very least incredible. If they can do these things, why can’t you? You are perfect, whole, and complete. You are a creator. You can rid your life of so and have a life of and. I feel sick and I rise, I feel broken and I rise, I feel stupid and I rise to reach the dreams I dream in this moment, and in this moment, and in this moment.
The only limitations that you truly have are ones which you gave yourself. What excuse are you holding onto today that is keeping you from your dream? What is obstructing your light? Why can’t you live the dream that you have today? You can rise from any situation when you stop living on your but instead of creating your and! You are a creator – perfect, whole and complete. Know that you are in control of your life. You are loved! My name is JP Adkins and this is my Mantra.

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