27 The Realm of Opinion

This week we have music from Michael FK, Metro Trips, and Sesto Sento. If you like this podcast please take a moment to share it with a friend. 

We start by focusing on the areas that connect you to the earth. This may be your feet, it may be your seat, or it may be both. Each breath sends small energy roots out, firmly grounding you, allowing any negative energy and stress to be push through to be filtered by the soil till all you feel is the clean, pure energy of your in-breath.

As you feel the negative energy flowing from you, you have space to add something new, something that serves you better, maybe it is peace or tranquility, maybe it is fun and excitement, maybe it is love but, whatever it is, have it serve you in your journey ahead. Feel this energy fills you till you feel it overflow and leak through your energy roots. Maybe you feel these roots flowing all around you so that you feel connected to others in your vicinity. Share this energy with them also so that they feel so full that they will have to share it with the next person and so on and so forth.

With this new found energy we can think of how we walk through our lives. How much is it spent in judgment, how much of it in pain? Yet, in any given moment we can choose peace. We can choose love. I have heard it said that you can either be happy or you can be right. For, in the end, being right or wrong is just an opinion. I challenge you to think more in terms of workability than morality. Morality is fleeting and changing. It limits more than it serves. Workability allows you to think less judgmentally and more inclusively because what works for you may not work for others.

Take for instance where you keep your peanut butter. Some keep it in the refrigerator, and some keep it in a pantry. Some even keep it on the counter because they use it so much. There is nothing wrong with any of these options, they all work.

When you are not thinking of what is right or wrong, you can think more creatively, more inclusively, and more from a place of values instead of standards. Values inspire you to be greater where standards keep you limited. Standards are baseline, they hardly cover what you need. Your values and ideas if based in workability will inspire you to move forward and free.

This week, notice when you find yourself in judgment, how does it make you feel? Does being right inspire you to be better? Does it make you feel connected to others? You are a powerful creator able to create the life you want. May you be inspired to create a life bigger than your wildest dreams. You are loved! My name is JP Adkins, and this is my Mantra.

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