23 Sacred Space

Mantra is for the people who realize that if you are on a higher vibration (feeling happy, energized, fulfilled, moved, hyped) you have a better experience when facing the world. The first few minutes are designed to get you centered and focused; the rest of the time is to move your vibration to get you into the peak state of well-being ready to attack the world!

This week we have music from:

Human Genome Records

Pwyll Phoenix

Sisters in Vision

We take a few nice deep breaths. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, for these few moments allow yourself to just be. Feel the weight of the world melt off your shoulders bathing your body in warmth. Swipe away your thoughts like unwanted notifications, don’t bother clicking the links.

If you find that your thoughts are being especially difficult, you may find silently repeating “So” on the in breath and “Ham” on the out breath helpful. “So” being equivalent to “I Am” and “Ham” being equivalent to “That”. Notice how the words mimic the sound your breath naturally makes. I am and that is all that is important in this moment.

As we continue our breathing we feel our roots spreading from the bottom of our feet, each exhalation spreading them deeper and further. As we feel more firmly rooted, we can take the time to move inward imagining peeling back layer after layer till we find a closed door. What is that door made of? Is it solid or hollow? What would it sound like if you knocked? Is the door locked? Go ahead and try the doorknob. If it is locked, reach inside your pocket and grab the key. This is your space and you alone have the key. Behind this door is a sacred space.  What does that look like to you? Does it have stained glass windows and pews or perhaps there are comfortable cushions on the floor? Perhaps, there isn’t a floor at all. This is your space to connect to your Higher Power as you understand them. This is your space to ask for Guidance. This is your space to connect with That Which Knows the next step and be inspired into your next action.

Take some time to just be here. Ask that which is on your mind and then be quiet and see if the answers come, always following the breath as it goes into and out of your body. Take some time to feel your connection to All and know that you are loved!

My name is JP Adkins, and this is my Mantra!

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