21 Level Up

Mantra is for the people who realize that if you are on a higher vibration (feeling happy, energized, fulfilled, moved, hyped) you have a better experience when facing the world. The first few minutes are designed to get you centered and focused, the rest of the time is to move your vibration to get you into the peak state of well-being ready to attack the world!

This week we have music from:

Jamie Berry



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We take this time to restore our minds from the myriad of thoughts by focusing on our breath as it goes into and out of our bodies. It is like when playing Zelda and bathing in the lake to restore your life-force. You take time from the challenges before you, the quests and sub-stories to make sure you have enough life-force to get through the next level. Likewise, taking this time-out restores our bodies and our minds so that we can be focused and ready for the challenges ahead. Take a few moments now to just breathe in your life-force.

Each day is a new quest and a new level filled with rewards, gifts, challenges and obstacles to overcome. When we remember that it is supposed to be fun and not take ourselves too seriously is when things start grooving. I have spent many an hour stumbling around Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom, not knowing what I should be doing. Sometimes just looking at the beautiful scenery and sometimes trying to find the next object on my quest until I break down and buy a guide. Even then, I have had to look things up online because I wasn’t able to reach my destination.

How often do we wander around in real life, not really knowing the next step? Yet unlike when we are playing the game, we tend to get down on ourselves when we can’t seem to figure it out. When is the last time you have bought a guide? When is the last time you have looked for a guru to help answer your questions?

This week I challenge you to look around you and see if you are ready to level up. You may be surprised by the tools you already have. Take some quality rest time to renew the life-force and have fun!

Tell life game on!

You Are Loved!

My name is JP Adkins, and this is my Mantra!

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