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I would like to welcome you back to Mantra! I have been working hard on upgrading the TrueAwesome.com platform to better suit everyone’s needs, including serious bloggers and podcasters. Take a moment to check it out and Unleash Your Awesome!

On this week’s Mantra we have music from:


Zetan Spores


Now take a deep breath, put your feet firmly on the ground and we will begin. As we begin, we can always hear the inner chatter, the voices going through our heads. But, when we focus on our breath, we realize that the voices are just chatter, that the shopping list can wait, the coulda, shoulda, and wouldas of the world can wait. We just mentally thank the thought for stopping by and let it go on its merry way.

All is well in this moment! The Universe is working everything out for you. Now is the time to just be still and remember that you are perfect, whole, and complete just as you are.

Feel the bundles of stress you have been holding melt away as we just breathe.

It has been said that a clenched fist cannot hold water. In the releasing of the thoughts, we open ourselves up to true inspiration. I believe that in these moments, your cells get instructions from a higher place that allows you to be happier, healthier and better able to face your day.

We just allow ourselves to breathe deeply. See if you can feel the breath fill your fingers and your toes with life giving oxygen. Can you feel the energy radiating off of you, connecting to everything around you. This is the energy that creates worlds.

You are a creator.

You are limitless!

It is only our thoughts that create limitations. It starts with a name. That which is named stops existing as it truly is. From the bird, the tree, the ant, the grass, the dog, the stars in the sky, the earth and the breeze, everything that is or ever will be is all part of one song, Universe. Once we label it, we divide its true power.

In these moments where we quiet our minds, we connect to that power – that oneness. It is these moments where true awesomeness can come through; where we let go of what we are to unleash what we can be – the designer of our lives, creator of our destinies.

As you walk through your day today, take some time to focus on your breathing, to connect with the energy flowing to you and through you at every given moment, and to Unleash Your Awesome!

My Name is JP Adkins and this is my Mantra!

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