Lesson 3: Meditation

By going out of your mind you come to your senses! Alan Watts

In this lesson, we were to listen to Alan Watts’ “Teaching Meditation” and discuss our thoughts. Having taught meditation for a couple years now, it was interesting to hear Watts discuss not only the how to of meditation but the why.

The why of meditation according to Watts is to get connected with the real world. Watts affirms that there are not “things” or “events” in the real world. These are constructs of symbols that we have created to describe our experience. Reality itself cannot be defined it can only be experienced.

Watts likened meditation to music or dancing. We don’t listen to music or dance to get somewhere. It is for the pure enjoyment. If we are trying to cause outcomes, it isn’t meditation; just let what is, be. It doesn’t matter if it is a sound or a thought, if we hold onto the symbol, we will not be with the truth of what is there.
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