Right and Wrong?

How much of your life has been thinking about right and wrong? We spend so much time in our heads judging this or that yet, were did we come up with these expectations? How many wars could have been prevented if we learned that right and wrong are just pretenses that we made up?

p1a75id0kf1aecg15cm1475jvr7May I suggest that many of our opinions are based on the opinions of our parents, our teachers, and television? There was a time when it was deemed wrong for someone other than your beloved to see your ankles. Morality shifts from community to community, household to household.

I was lucky enough to experience the Landmark Forum with a wide variety of people and got to see life from many different perspectives. I truly got the idea of morality when I saw two Hindu women who were in arranged marriages. One was younger and had decided to leave the relationship and the other was older and had stayed. Each woman had seen the value in the other’s position while many of the people who attended couldn’t understand that our thoughts of right or wrong didn’t matter in that culture.

I would like to offer that instead of right or wrong, we look at it as work or don’t work. Running a red light doesn’t work because it can cause fatal accidents. Yet, how many times have we been a little late and went through an “orange” light? Did that make us “wrong”?

That one is easy, yet there are many applications that aren’t as easy. Take drug use for instance. Later in this series, I will discuss proven ways to win the war on drugs, but for now try on the fact that drug use isn’t wrong it just doesn’t work long term for many people.

Where in your life have you been holding yourself and others to right and wrong? What areas can you release the morality and look more into what is working and not working without blame? For in the end, right and wrong are only temporal apparitions and fade away with time and space.


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