Ancient Storytellers

ancient+hieroglyphicsIt is hard to tell who the first storytellers were. Was it prehistoric man who handed the stories down from generation to generation; or was it the animals themselves that told the stories to the first humans? Either way, our relationship with animals has been nearly forgotten.

This lesson truly reminded me how much we have truly lost our connection to nature. We now control light, temperature, moisture, and believe because of this we are better. It was animals who taught us about poisonous plants, how to hunt and were our earliest teachers.

It is truly sad that we have severed this relationship with the Oneness. Because of this, I believe, we have cheapened the value of animal life leading to the cheapening of all life.  You only need to look at the news to see how little life means to some or the suicide rates to see how little their own lives mean to others.

I have often said that we lack a true coming of age ceremony; something that tells us that we are now adults and how we fit into society as a whole. Hell, something that makes us understand what a society is.

I once heard a story about the city I live in now. One of the parents was talking to a teacher, reminiscing on how there use to be some summer festival with pies and games which was truly fun for the family and she wondered why that didn’t happen anymore. The teacher said it was because the younger generation was too busy to pick it up and as the older generation faded away, no one was there to take care of it.

In the end, we are one entity whether you want to call it God, the Universe, or the Force and by thinking of ourselves as separate and better than, it cheapens not only what we perceive as separate, but ourselves.

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