The Mask of Eternity

The Message of Myth

“Good and evil are simply temporal apparitions.” – Joseph Campbell

It seems to me that this lesson should have a disclaimer on it such as Nemo got from Morpheus in The Matrix; push play and everything that you may have believed is going to be challenged. Luckily, I have studied a variety of myths and have come to the Force already understanding that the myths we have created can never truly describe that what cannot be known.

Campbell’s explanation of “God” being the ultimate word in our language for that which is transcendent truly radiated with me. How many times have people used “Gods” or “God’s Majesty” to describe natural events or things that couldn’t be truly explained? We only need to look at any for the polytheist religions to recognize that theme. Yet, many people hold onto their mythos as if allowing any other would shatter their own existence. Looking at the Judaea-Christian-Muslim mythos truly brings home this point. All three religions worship the same “God” in very similar terms, yet they fight tooth and nail over the tiniest differences. All myths are true, it is when you get stuck the metaphoric that the problems arise.

Having grown up in a Christian family, it has been difficult to wrap my mind around a “God” that is one with nature. I had made the connection many years ago as I heard someone use Christ’s supposed words to prove that we were one with God. I later came to accept it more thoroughly with my work with the Spiritual Life Center of Greater Detroit.

In the end, myth is there to allow us to experience on this plane that which cannot be understood by the minds we have. According to Campbell, myth helps us connect with the divinity that is a part of and informs all that is. Lao Tzu said that which can be named is not the Tao. Yet, we humans continue to try.

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