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It is no secret that I have had a challenging summer. The Universe is clearing my life for something HUGE! I just don’t know what it is yet. The work for me is to find ways to be happy with what is while waiting for what’s coming. How many of you can relate?

I have found that I tend to fall off my spiritual practice more and more the deeper my depression gets and no matter how much I believe that things are working out for me, it is hard to see the clearing in the thick of the forest.

This most recent bout of melancholy was deep and required a strong approach to digging myself out. The loop kept playing no matter what I did it seemed. When I would start to feel better, Facebook’s memory app would show me another reason to feel lousy. It is amazing how horrible you can feel comparing your highlights to your current position.

But I digress. What finally helped pull me out was a counter attack of memories! I created a YouTube playlist of songs that I have a strong happy memory. It was so much fun and when one would fall in place another would pop up till I had over 50 songs with 50 different memories that made me smile.

Some of my absolute favorites would be listening to Darling Nikki with my older brother when I was about 8 years old and feeling like I did when I found my father’s porn stash.  How about singing “Freedom 90” at the Beef and Beer with my Uncle Eric and Aunt Dawn where I got off stage and my Eric was shocked that I really could sing?

From little private memories such as why I can’t hear “When a Man Loves a Woman” without being aroused to remembering dancing to “Blood is on the Dancefloor” the night before my brain surgery, each song is a moment etched in time.

Making the playlist is simple. I suggest using either YouTube or Spotify so that you can find whatever song you are looking for (although I still can’t find Prince singing Darling Nikki and had to settle for the Foo) and only add songs that have strong happy memory associated with them. Let the first song lead you to the next and I bet you find yourself laughing at the goofiness! (Can you say “Whatta Man” by Salt ‘n Peppa)

Feel free to browse through my playlists and make sure you share the link to yours in the comments below.


Till Next Time,

You Are Loved!

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