5 Steps for Making Real Connections

Make Real ConnectionsAs I mentioned yesterday on The Agency Blog, I believe that the social media bubble has busted. While it is a great tool for communicating, the communication itself seems less than genuine. I will give you an example, birthday wishes. Don’t get me wrong, birthday posts on Facebook are wonderful expressions of well-wishers, yet Facebook makes it so easy for you to do them, almost impossible not to even, that they can come off as less than genuine.

Even the like and share buttons are difficult to get behind lately. Along with the disingenuous birthday wishes, we have the people who are truly trying to help by liking and sharing your content but haven’t read it.

Last week, I wrote a wonderful, heartfelt article about Suicide Prevention Week. That I believe was full of hope and love. It did well in social media standards getting a reach of 620 people, 29 likes, 3 comments, and 15 shares. (29 people would be 10% of my friends list) It did not get read that many times.

Both of these instances are not done intentionally, I do believe that the 220 people actually would like me to have a beautiful birthday, even if they have never seen anything I have ever posted, possibly was only added me as a friend because I had so many people in common and they were boosting their friend list, and wouldn’t know who I was if they passed me on the street.  It would be like sitting in a restaurant and singing Happy Birthday to someone you don’t know because the server makes a big announcement. I also believe that people are genuinely trying to help when they like or share something even if they don’t read it but how many times have you asked a question and someone just “likes” it?

That being said, it is unlikely that are we leaving Facebook anytime soon. So what are some ways you can stand out and make genuine connections with people?

  1. Send out birthday, holiday, and thank you cards.

Facebook makes this easy also. You can get all of your upcoming birthdays at the beginning of the month and send them out weekly.

  1. Call people instead.

You can use Facebook Messenger to make phone calls to anyone who has it installed on their phone. Even if they don’t, you can leave a voice mail and record a little greeting.

  1. Stop liking things.

Want to confuse the hell out of Facebook’s Algorythm? Stop liking things and comment on them instead. Facebook’s Algorythm picks up what you like and click but not as much at what you comment on. It is always a fun experiment to do that for a month and see how your feed changes.

  1. Do not share something you haven’t read.

It truly is wonderful to share things for people so that your followers can see it also, but it is much more meaningful to read the article and leave a comment for them. This doesn’t apply to buy links for authors, artists, and musicians. SHARE THOSE ALWAYS!

  1. Make as many physical connections as you can.

I am very guilty of using social media as a way to connect to people instead of actually leaving my house and seeing them. Try taking the time to set up nights out or lunches to actually bring people together. Five minutes spent in the same room with someone is worth 1000 Facebook messages.

Remember, Facebook isn’t life. Take the time to disconnect from the cloud and design your life! Do you have any suggestions on how to make connections outside of social media? Leave them in the comments section below!


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      1. We all know that communication is the key to success, but how good is our communication skills? This is an area that is vastly under utilised, so I think it’s a wonderful idea.

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