But it is True


Those who know me have seen that there have been many points of contrast happening in my life lately. I have seen interesting conditions pop up in my financial, transportational familiar, occupational, and aspirational segments of my life. (Yes, I am making up words Kage) All these things seem to be hitting at the same time. All challenging my ability to keep my cool, calm, peaceful center from which I feel connected and secure.


  • My brother is in the hospital in critical condition.
  • My mother just got out of the hospital and has been on a new level of sick.
  • My financial situation has been rocky.
  • My occupational situation is rocky.
  • My independent companies are in a transition and could use a real boost.
  • Not to mention that I am just out of a six year relationship and trying to find my way through the dating world.


  • I have a wonderful family who sticks together through thick and thin.
  • I come home to the perfect lap puppy who is always waiting at the door for me and forces me to get up and out of my head.
  • I am a capable and accomplished designer, manager, and consultant who has very marketable skills.
  • I am well respected in my community of friends.
  • I have friends who I can call upon if and when I need support.
  • I have great memories with my brother.
  • I have a great spiritual community that feeds my soul and keeps me moving.
  • I am pretty healthy.
  • My life gets better every day.
  • There are many lessons that I can learn from these situations.
  • The Universe is setting things to where they need to be.
  • Everything always works out for me.

So in the end, it comes down to which set of “truths” I want to focus on. I can run the top set through my mind constantly, and no one would blame me. Hell, they will probably find a few more to go along with it! Or, I can focus on the second set even though people are trying to throw more onto the first set! We all have that choice – choose wisely!

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