Stop Spreading Shit- Clean It Up!

My sister and I were just having a discussion. It seems that there is a beautiful new Hate Filled billboard right down the street from her work. She was calling for people to

law of focus share the stupidity so that someone could possibly see it and create something against it. I asked her to remove it. Why would you want to spread that kind of message?

This is an inclusive Universe. It doesn’t hear no. If you say we want no more it responds with more. Spread love! Stop talking about the people who are so afraid. For in the end it is fear that causes them to do such things. The only way to combat fear is love.

As I talked about in this week’s Mantra, we can clean up a lot of shit spiritually if we consiously take a breath and send love. I breathe in and send love to the people who are hurting from seeing this sign. I breathe in and send love to the people who are afraid that everything they ever thought is being proven wrong around them. I breathe in and send love to the officials who must regulate and debate these issues. I breathe in and send love to those people and situations that have hurt me. I breathe in and send love to the people and situations that have caused me joy.

We can also clean up shit physically by report the photo to Facebook.  Hate speech is against the terms of service. Report them to your city council and have your friends do the same. Tell the council that this is unacceptable in your neighborhood. If they don’t respond talk to your local LGBT Community Center, your local news, or the Human Rights Campaign. This is clearly hate speech and should be removed but having it go viral through social media just spreads the message.

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