Life’s Big Questions: What do you think happens when you die

When I was thinking of a topic for today’s post, I was visited by my cousin. This seems very innocent except that my cousin died a couple years ago.  He comes to visit in the form of a bee. It started soon after his passing. There was a swarm of bees that appeared outside my brother’s door where we were staying.  That again could just be a coincidence except my brother lives in an upper flat, there were not any beehives around and one or two bees would follow you up and down the steps without stinging. His girlfriend was visited by a yellow canary that wouldn’t go away. He just sat on her windowsill until she told it to be free a couple weeks later.  His mother was also visited but I can’t remember what the animal was. 

Great balls of fire - newbo

You see, I believe that we are all parts of an infinite energy. Scientist call it “Dark Matter” because it has no light comes through. It is the creative force, expanding the universe. We are part of that force made flesh just as the planets and solar systems are bound by it.

When we die, I believe that return to this nonphysical form where we remember the truth; that we chose to take form that we chose our parents, that we created the body that we inhabit and that we are creators of the world around us. Every blade of grass, every bird in the sky, down to the creatures of the sea was all created by the Collective Source just for the pleasure of the experience.

So when my cousin comes to me in the form of a bee that comes out of the window hole of a moving van, it doesn’t surprise me anymore. It also didn’t surprise me when it came out of the back of a filing cabinet in the middle of November. He learned how to do these things and he does them just to get a rise out of me. That was my cousin.

Therefore, I do not morn death. Yes it is sad that I will no longer be able to see someone. I miss many people that have passed. Yet, I know that they are creating the next experience. Am I right? Who knows? It does bring me comfort and explains things nicely for me. What do you think happens when you die?


You Are Loved!

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