Designing My True Awesome Life

winding-roadIt is said that all changes happen because of love or fear.  That truly these are the only two emotions that we feel. For me, this journey started with the end of a relationship.  I had to draw a line and sever the ties that we had built for over six years. The worst parts are the dreams I had now seems foolish.  I had also started a website (originally that wasn’t performing as I had hoped and at the time of writing this, am in a job that may not be the best fit for me. 

Through the last couple years I have been working on some spiritual principles for success. I could hear Abraham-Hicks say, “When you see what you don’t want, you launch a rocket of desire of what you do want.”    Therefore, when in my mind, my life was in turmoil and out of control; I knew I had to give up. I couldn’t change things on my own.  So I got still and asked my Higher Consciousness, “What’s next?”

You can understand my shock when I heard back as clear as if there was someone in the room, “Get an RV and travel across the country.” 

My first thought was, “Are you crazy?  I can’t just up and leave here… I don’t have the money…I don’t have an RV…I don’t know anything about RVs…Do you want me to build an ark too…”   The list of resistance went up immediately.

Then I stopped and asked, “Why not?”

It was in that moment I believe my whole mindset changed.  I started seeing ways to overcome barriers such as using the site that was already built differently, possible crowdfunding the adventure, and many other ideas that are coming in the next few months.  Then I realized that I don’t have to wait for my lease to be up in October.  I can make an inspired step now to make the life I have more enjoyable so I can have the life I want.  Finally, I realized that in doing so I can inspire others and help them bring about their True Awesome Life too.

Thus starts my journey.  There are many ways you can help.  You can comment with your dreams and encouragements.  Join the Designed to keep up and support the journey. You can donate.  You can share this with friends. You can use to fuel your journey to your True Awesome Life.  You can share your story on TrueAwesome’s Awesome Report.Whatever you do, I hope you start today designing your life by taking inspired action towards your dreams.

I look forward to seeing you along the lighted path! Remember If you can’t see the light-be the light!

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