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Really no Big girl time?

New and in process, get a piece from inside the writers’ brains. I’m still with my Little and her Daddy… for now. Please be gentle- Littles can be very cry-y- but Little Laura and I do love comments.

I’ve been having a hard time, as you can no doubt tell from the lack of #WIPiTuP participation and lack of blogging in general. Such is life with chronic illness and too many jobs. After Meredith checked in on me, I decided I needed to push past my “I don’t give a fuck” and share some with all of you. “Laura Learns” is on the back burner atm because of Camp Nano and “Love at Night,” which I’ll be sharing after/alongside (I’m not sure which yet) “Laura Learns” on this hop.

Good news on “Laura Challenges”- edits are done and cover art is being worked on. So I should be able to reveal the cover art soon as well as share a release date.

The snippet dips back into an ageplay scene with Laura as the Little who’s been naughty and Jack, her stern but loving Daddy. BTW- Mike is his dog.

“Okay, time to let him go to this bed and settle, little girl.”

She chewed on her bottom lip. “I guess you were serious about no Big girl time, Daddy?”

Snorting, he shook his head. “You’ve been a brat tonight. No Big girl time.”

“I’m really tired, Daddy. Would you please just rub my back tonight?”

“You sure, babygirl?” He sat down on the bed beside her.

“Yes, please, Daddy.”

He placed two books on the nightstand. “Lay down, Mike.” He turned back to her. “Well I have something you still might want.”

“A surprise? Please, Daddy!”

He brought his hand from behind his back to reveal a small, soft bodied doll with yellow yarn hair.

“Thanks, Daddy!” She snatched the doll from his open hand and cuddled it to her chest. She lay her head back on the pillow. “Please, back rubs, Daddy?”

“Sure, angel.”

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WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Babygirl in Daddy’s Car

Yup, it’s experimental and it’s a work in progress so please don’t judge it too harshly :D Babygirls sometimes need some attention.

So I’ve been a little stymied in writing; health issues plus guilt about getting my daughter her own cell phone had me stressed but I finally managed to get some laptime (one of the few AP things that doesn’t squick my Master), told Him about the phone. We don’t “do punishment” in the way many BDSM-ers do. So it’s *done* except for actual, specific things He has to do- like budget money to pay various bills and remind me again to control my spending.

If you want to re-read last week, click here.

I did decide to skip from “in the diner” to “in Jack’s car.”  I hope you enjoy the longer piece this week.

Laura pressed her legs together as Jack remained bent over her securing her seat belt. She pursed her lips while his richly masculine cologne washed over her.

“That expression says you’re thinking as a big girl,” Jack teased. He pulled back and stood before closing the door.

Watching Jack through the windshield, Laura pondered if an appropriate response existed for her to give. She straightened her skirt. She glanced at the bags of whatever he’d bought during the daytime; he’d not given her one hint more, although she knew the black bag to be from Hidden Pleasures.

Startling her out of her thoughts, he slid into the driver’s seat and started his car. “I think maybe you’ll need a spanking over my knee before you’re thinking like a little girl.”

Her mouth went dry. “As you say, Daddy,” she struggled to say.

“So I’m thinking, first the spanking and then some coloring before bedtime ritual,” Jack patiently explained.

“Yes, Daddy.” When he placed his hand on her thigh, she relaxed into his touch and looked out the window as they passed so many buildings on the way out of the city. “Bedtime ritual?” she echoed into the silence.

“In role, of course. Bath time, stories, and then bed.” He chuckled. “Well not just that. There’ll be other steps within that.”

She couldn’t stop the squirming that filled her then.

“I think I like my squirmy girl.” He traced his fingers over her legs. “We’ll have to get you out of these adult clothes and into what I bought you quick.”

“More stuff from the ageplay section?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see. Can you be patient just awhile, my sweet babygirl?”

“Yes, Daddy!” She giggled, feeling the moment again, without her worry of doing it in public as at the diner.

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Patreon for my kink?

Ah yes, having a teen to help :D But thankfully my teen understood HTML enough to help me get my Patreon page as a clickable link. I love selling books, but I don’t have enough books published yet to really help pay bills. And to make up for that, I have a Patreon page.  When I started to write seriously, I was aware I was likely never to be the next Stephen King- I’d be happy to be even half of what Anne Rice is.

So while you wait for my next book- I have several in process with one with an editor (MF BDSM) and another with my beta reader (“Skipping Down the  Primrose Path: Book 3″ of Vala’s Story)- enjoy what I do on my Patreon page. I’m going to try to get about sharing videos and I offer various rewards (including a 2000 to 10000 word personalized short story for $10 a month).

Masturbation Monday- Where etting off is half the fun...

Universal Love

Masturbation Monday- where getting off is half the fun. Click here to enjoy the other hoppers :D

I wrote most of this while sitting in church this morning; I’m a Unitarian Universalist- that’s the UU Marina mentions- and “OWL” stands for “Our Whole Lives”- our sexual education curriculum that spans for kindergarten to adult. So I joked with my beta reader that my goal for this piece was to make consent and religion sexy; I may have to do more with Marina and Lara at a later date :D. But for now, Marina helps Lara in a way that finds them under a blanket at the end.

Marina tilted the mirror in its frame to show Lara reclining in the bean bag chair.

Lara jumped up beside the chair. “I—”

“Have changed your mind?” Marina completed.

“No… um—” Lara lifted her chin and looked into the eyes of the slightly taller Marina.

Marina placed her hands on the spaghetti straps of Lara’s silky nightgown. “Do I still have your consent?”

“Yes,” Lara moaned.

With quick, gentle nudges, Marina pushed the scant fabric covering to the floor. She took Lara’s hand and led them down onto the chair, pressing her lips together to restrain laughter from the sensation of shifting pellets.


In reply, Marina asked, “Is it true that you’ve really never looked between your own legs?”

“You know it is,” challenged Lara.

“Let’s change that.” Marina cupped Lara’s right breast. Her other hand rested against Lara’s ribs for a moment before sliding down to her hip. “Spread your legs.”

Lara tensed.

“What is most important?” Marina prompted.

“Consent. You won’t do anything without my consent,” Lara murmured.

“Do you want to spread your legs?”

Lara breathed in. “Reverend Dawn said I won’t go to Hell?”

“Remember that we UUs invite people don’t believe in a God who would damn people to hell? God is too full of love for that. I don’t believe you’ll go to hell for being your authentic self.”

Lara relaxed against Marina.

“May I part your labia with my fingers?” Marina traced the moist body part in question.

“Yes.” Lara sighed at Marina’s soft fingertips revealing her body. She stared at the mirror as if worried that her reflection would flee otherwise.

“So beautiful.” Marina pressed her lips to Lara’s cheek. “Here’s the clitoral hood and the clitoris peaking out. Then the labia minora. Opening to the vagina.” She continued to trace her fingers.

Lara whimpered in pleasure and conflicting emotions.

Marina pulled a large, red fleece blanket over them. “I think that may be enough for now. A little cuddling and we’ll see what more before the next session of Adult OWL.”

“Feels good.” Lara shimmied and settled further into Marina’s embrace. “I noticed you, your surgically created genitals. They look quite like mine.”

“Surgeons can do miraculous things, thank God.”

“Yes, thank God. For you and this moment.” Lara turned her head and kissed Marina’s cheek in thanks.

Masturbation Monday- where getting off is half the fun. Click here to enjoy the other hoppers :D

WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Not Ready for Public?

Yup, it’s experimental and it’s a work in progress so please don’t judge it too harshly :D And experimental for me because I’m still less comfortable writing babygirls than BDSM submissives/slaves.

And that second sentence leads me into the funnies with this post. First off, I managed to cross dates in my head so I thought I was posting this about POV on Tuesday, when it was actually Wednesday and I’d missed continuing from this post for this hop. Second, I’m at the technical end of Chapter 3 (in Laura’s POV) because I reached about 2000 words and pondered “Should I change to Jack’s POV?” I hope (at the time of writing this post) to put on MLP and then get back into writing some bath and bed time goodness for you all to enjoy soon :D This week however, they’re still at the restaurant although we’re now in Laura’s POV.

Scene set up: Jack and Laura are at the diner and she’s getting anxious.

Laura hoped she could keep up the babygirl thing, even as she shook with terror at the bits in public; hadn’t they said no public last week? “Um—”

Jack reached across the table to clasp Laura’s hand. “We’ve been playing a bit much, haven’t we?” When she nodded, he continued, “Let’s just enjoy our dinner and the Little can come back out once we’re in my car. You rode in with Amy like we planned?”

“Yep. It was nice to carpool for a change. I’ll miss it once my plans kick into gear.” Laura swirled the water in her glass, making the ice cubes dance, before taking a drink. Her mouth less dry, she said, “I can’t wait to tell Amy about Roy. While you were right last night that she hadn’t gone anywhere with him, he was still hitting on her extra, like going to a business dinner together meant he’d get lucky eventually.”

Frowning, Jack shook his head. “If only some people could just be decent.”

“I’m sure your brother should be happy too.”

Jack chuckled. “He is rather taken with her. So all joking from the class aside, how are you at the idea of meeting Mom?”

“Entirely and completely ready for whenever you and he orchestrate a dinner or some other get together.”

And great news! I’m thinking we have final titles- at least better than my working titles/acronyms of ‘Kink Challenge” and kc1, kc2, and kc3. “Laura Learns” (kc1) is with the editor and I may have cover art to reveal soon :)

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Transgender Pride flag

I Like to Muddy POV

Look for the link at the bottom of this post for the other authors participating in this conversation.

From my perspective, there is no such thing as a beautiful day. Sit with that for a moment. I’m allergic to the sun- or at least that’s the easiest way to say “Doctors have no clue why being in the sun makes me ill.” I can be in the sun for approximately 15 minutes without too much worry; although I’ve sadly found through babysitting that the time can be cumulative and repeated trips from the girl’s home to school without my sunhat on will make me sick eventually. I realize that my unique health concerns put my perspective on the weather at odds with the majority of humanity. Going on from Thianna’s opening and bringing this to books, you can imagine that I don’t often write outdoors scenes in my books nor do I pick books that have a focus on outdoor activity. I’m actually getting ready to write a romance- gender or number of characters still undecided- where one has a sun allergy much stronger than me, of the level that doctors will actually give a diagnosis.

Now it’s not only with my perception of the sun that I stand in contrast to the rest of the culture in the US and most of the “developed Western world.” Again, this very different perspective shows up in my characters; recently I’ve been struggling to decide on the genders and sexual orientations of two characters in a story I’m about to start because neither of those factors are assumed in my writing. So while it would be easy to give the textbook definition of perspective in terms of story writing- focusing on “1st person,” “2nd person,” or “3rd person” and issues of omnipotence/knowledge- I know that the world view of myself and my characters are far from normative.

Whether it’s reading or writing, I tend to prefer those who are also non-normative. In writing terms, I find that writing a romance where there is absolutely no BDSM, even if the BDSM only shows up in terms of dominance and submission, I just can’t comfortably write it; I might get somewhere if the characters are queer, non-monogamous, or in some other way really non-normative, but there’s no guarantee.

When it comes to characters whom that I seriously disagree with, I both tend to write them less frequently while also making their bigotry super obvious. When it’s not obvious, I tend to prefer the ambiguous threat that’s not physically present- like the *transphobic they* who my trans woman character worries about when she needs to use the restroom in public. I spend too much time interacting with bigoted people who are bent on erasing and/or exterminating non-normative parts of me; I don’t want them in my fiction.

The phrase “head hopping” makes me grind my teeth, even as I use it to differentiate between the point of view changes that come often or at least regularly in my writing. I do prefer to write novellas and novels in 3rd person, limited omniscience with the POV character shifting as needed for the purposes of storytelling. However I dip regularly into different characters’ POVs so often enough I consider if I truly stay in the perspective of the person I’m inhabiting at the time. The problem is, I think too many people don’t understand what head hopping really is.

So I meant to write more, but the massacre in Orlando and the man thinking to attempt one at LA Pride march is just weighing too heavily on my mind. Too many clueless straight people in my world.

What do you think about POV and perspective? Go here to read the other authors’ thoughts and engage in the conversation :) And please don’t hesitate to share with me what you think.

WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Dinner time for Little Laura

Yup, it’s experimental and it’s a work in progress so please don’t judge it too harshly :D- especially since you wouldn’t want to make a babygirl cry, right? Only her Daddy should do that when she’s been naughty

So LGBT Pride in a city two hours from me had me largely not writing- the little work I did manage was on the character charts for my Camp Nano WIP; speaking of which, ugh! I’m so a pantser and doing these charts are frustrating me, but I’m doing such “different” or marginalized characters that it seemed needed. But back to “Kink Challenge”- I’ve mailed the contract (I can’t figure out my scanner) for book 1 and book 2 is moving along (I have chapter 3 started.) I decided to continue sharing from chapter 2 in Jack’s POV.

scene set up: The next afternoon from last week’s post, Jack has arrived at the building Laura works in to pick her up for dinner and babygirl time. They’ve already been seated by the point we join them.

The waitress arrived then. “What would you folks like to drink?”

“We’ll both have water, thank you,” Jack replied. He held in a smirk as Laura squirmed in her seat. “No squirming, little girl,” he warned under his breath.

Laura stilled immediately. “But you ordered for both of us,” she whimpered.

Jack arched his eyebrow. “Well I don’t want you filling up on a drink before your dinner even arrives.”

Licking her lips, Laura glanced at bag handles just within her view. “Can I ask if they’re little or big girl things?”

“Both,” Jack answered as evenly as he could.

“Will eating up my food have me less in trouble?” Laura batted her eyelashes at Jack.


A few moments later, Becky was back with two glasses of ice water. “Ready to order?”

“I would like the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and a salad and my lovely dinner companion will have chicken fingers and french fries.” Jack smiled again as Becky blinked as if trying to process him ordering both meals. He handed her their menus, still smiling.

The moment Becky was away from their table, Laura murmured, “Thank you for getting me my favorite food, Daddy.”

“It shouldn’t be too much for you?”

Laura shook her head, smirking even as she responded. “It should be just enough.”

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WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Tested Implements Yet?

Yup, it’s experimental and it’s a work in progress so please don’t judge it too harshly :D

So I teased with a tiny piece of this on Facebook and decided to share more of the negotiations for Jack’s dreamed of “frontier schoolroom” scene. I got a good chunk of writing done in KC2 before cramps hit. Enjoy :)

“They should have a four tailed tawse here, but are you sure on that detail? Those are intense toys. Even with Laura’s possibly lesser strength, it’s still likely to hurt a lot.” She looked over her shoulder at Josh. “Sir, do you have any straps that I could give Jack a small demonstration?”

“Sure.” Josh unclipped a thin, black leather strap that hung from one belt loop and handed it to Tonya.

“I know you’ve been learning a bunch on the giving end, but receiving?” Tonya raised an eyebrow.

“Well no. Tom said that in this week we’d have the chance to experience more sensations.” Jack glanced nervously at Laura.

“Place your hands on the desk, palms up,” Tonya ordered.

Laura sucked her bottom lip into her mouth as Jack lowered his hands between two piles of papers.

“Do I have permission for some slaps on your palms, naughty boy?” Tonya grinned as her word choice brought reddening heat into Jack’s cheeks.

“Yes,” Jack croaked. His focus shrank to his sweaty palms and the implement in Tonya’s hand.

“This is just a thin leather strap on your palms, not the four tailed tawse on your ass, as you’re dreaming.” Tonya brought the flat side of the toy down on Jack’s right palm.

Gasping and pulling his hand away, Jack stared at Tonya with an open mouth.

“You didn’t experiment with any toys on yourself first?” Tonya challenged.

“I haven’t used much more than sex toys and my hand on Laura so far. I believe she was content to wait on impact play until I’d learned more.”

Laura nodded. “He’d told me about a bunch of the stuff Tom had said and I agreed.”

“I’d like you to ponder your pain threshold,” Tonya suggested. “Do you have a safe word in mind? If I was in Laura’s place, I wouldn’t agree to this scene without you having one.”

“Earbud.” Jack chuckled. “Totally not appropriate to a frontier school room scene.”

“Good choice. Are there any other concerns or wants that you want both Laura and I to know?” Tonya held her pen at the ready.

“I think we got it. I didn’t want to be too specific, to let Laura enjoy coming up with words for her part.” Jack squeezed Laura’s knee. “Nothing sexual, right?”

Tonya shook her head. “Sounds good.” She smiled up at Josh. “Sir, could you please take Jack and show him some of the ageplay costumes? I want to discuss things more with Laura.”

“Sure.” Josh gestured to the closed door. “Ready to go look?”

“Sounds good.”

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WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Defining Things & Getting in Trouble

WIP or work-in-progress. That’s what we romance writers are sharing today. I’ve spell checked, but I continue to tinker with the words. See what I and other authors are up to and please be kind.

This past weekend wasn’t as productive as I’d like; there was that long nap with my Master on Saturday and then on Sunday, I wrote my first scene to include figging for Masturbation Monday. Thankfully two weekends ago, I’d started chapter 2 in Jack’s POV. For my regular readers on this hop, that means I go from BDSM lesson to BDSM scene negotiation; hopefully Tonya can bring some titillating moments to negotiation for me to share next week :D.

Scene set-up: Before Jack and Laura negotiate with Tonya about the scene he wants Tonya to help Laura, the couple talk some. Then the “quad” joins in for some light joking about the class.

Jack caught Laura with her gaze jumping on and quickly off Amy again. He leaned close to whisper, “Is seeing your friend in a submissive position too much?”

“It’s startling, but I trust your brother and Tonya like I don’t trust Ron.” Laura dragged her tongue over her lips as if convincing herself of her words. “They’ll respect her limits.”

“And they probably know better than Ron what those limits are.”

Laura smirked. “Before reading my first spanking romance book, I never realized how dangerous vanilla dating is.”

He squeezed her hand as Tonya approached them.

“So I’m not going to ask you both to sit at one of the kids’ tables again, with us negotiating.” Tonya smirked. “Although I’m half tempted to say you both earned spankings during class.”

Jack chuckled. “We weren’t that bad, were we? And it was Amy who commented about Chris and my mom.”

“And look at the position Chris has put her in now for that. You two however.”

“They did stop when you told them to,” Josh offered before bursting into laughter. “Well mostly. That was quite bratty of you, Laura, to ask a question after Tonya had said for no one in her quad or related to it to ask a question.”

“But how are we defining related?” Laura playfully asked.

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Masturbation Monday- Where etting off is half the fun...

Some Anal for Onyx

Masturbation Monday… where getting off is half the fun. You find a bunch of anal here: see what the other hoppers did here for Week #90

All that lovely body hair on the apparent male in the picture! And the apparent female finger-fucking his ass. Yup, they just called out for Lady Audrey and Onyx. I could have gone further… but I do like to tease :D Maybe I’ll do a figging sometime. It’s wild to think that we only have one more Masturbation Monday during the National Masturbation month; maybe a full figging next week?


“Time to be my little Onyx.” Lady Audrey traced the side of a blunt, dark blue nail down the middle of Onyx’s chest.

“Yes, my Lady,” Onyx murmured as he swayed on his feet before her.

“I do so enjoy your naked body.” She switched to fingertips rather than nails as she caressed his hardening cock. “To my bed,” she commanded as she guided him with one hand on his chest, the other on his cock.

With knees locked, he awkwardly stumbled backward until falling onto her bed with a grunt.

As he crab walked further over the rumpled bedding, she stayed right with him, her hands still on him. “You owe me an orgasm, little boy.”

“What… do you mean?” Onyx gasped as Lady Audrey’s fingers moved over the head of his cock. “My Lady.”

“I’ve teased you over the phone, ordered you not to come in your darling submissives, and now you owe me the most draining orgasm that I can pull from you.”

“My Lady,” Onyx whimpered.

“Pull your legs up against your chest. I want easy access from your cock to your asshole.”

Whimpers melting into groans, Onyx placed his feet on the bed before grabbing his shins. With his genitals opened to her gaze, he relaxed his head against the pile of fluffy white pillows.

“That’s my good boy,” she cooed. Her fingers danced down his chest, over his abs, onto his lower stomach, before skipping to stroke his asscheeks. “Look at you, all relaxed even though I’m sure you’ve guessed part of what I’m going to do to you.”

“Just want to please you, my Lady.” He pressed his lower back onto her bed, stretching himself farther open.

“I think another time we will experiment with figging, but for now I’m just going to use some lube and my fingers.” She grasped his balls in one hand and lightly squeezed even as she pictured sliding a piece of ginger into his asshole. Instead she opened the cream-colored bottle of lube and poured some onto her palm. She rubbed it over two fingers of her right hand.

“Please, my Lady,” Onyx begged.

“You don’t even know what you’re begging for,” Lady Audrey teased. She grasped the base of his cock with her slippery left hand as she pressed one finger against the opening of his asshole. “Is this what you want?”

“Yes, please, my Lady,” he begged again. His toes curled as her finger slid into him.

“Has anyone used your asshole since I last did?”

“No, my Lady,” Onyx swore. He released a sobbing gasp as she slid a second finger into his ass.

Her focus on his beautifully submissive body, she started fucked his ass with her fingers as she jacked his cock with her other hand. Pre-cum glistened at his slit and she smeared this with a thumb. “Maybe figging and sounding? Or what that be more than you can handle?”

“Anything for you, my Lady,” Onyx cried out.

Lady Audrey slowed down with her fingers inside him. She massaged the walls of ass feeling for the puckered flesh that signified his prostate.

“Need to come so bad, my Lady,” Onyx begged.

“I know. Weren’t you lucky I gave you the experiencing of receiving prostate massage?”

“Yes, my Lady, please, please.” His cock became increasingly red as the force of his impending orgasm grew.

She pulled her fingers out of his ass before yanking him up onto her thighs. “Good thing I can do it with my cock too.” She shoved her hard cock into his ass.

“Ah ah ah!” The pleasure stole the words from his mouth.

“Come for me!” Lady Audrey demanded as she slammed balls deep into Onyx’s ass.

“Yes!” Onyx clamped down on Lady Audrey’s cock as he shuddered through the moments of internal orgasm before he started to ejaculate as well. “Thanks, my Lady! Thanks!”

“You feel so good.” Her hips pumped as she fucked his ass, her moans filling the room.

“Please fill my ass with your cum, my Lady,” he pleaded.

“You want my cum?”

“Please, my Lady!”

“Here’s my cum!” She hammered into his ass for several minutes as her own orgasm washed over her and into him. She pushed completely into him and settled in the warm wetness.

“My Lady?” Iven murmured beside the bed?

Lady Audrey turned her head without moving farther. “Yeah, love?”

“Look what I just found, my Lady?” Iven held out roughly butt plug shaped piece of light yellow ginger.

Onyx moaned pathetically.

“It seems that figging can happen now.” Lady Audrey pulled her cock out of Onyx. “Turn onto your stomach.”

Onyx let his legs go and rolled over, his face pressing into the pillows.

“Ass up!” She spanked a cheek.

Onyx arched his lower back in obedience only to be rewarded by the cool ginger slipping into his asshole. He moaned at the claiming sensation.

“Let’s just lay here awhile.” Lady Audrey patted Onyx’s ass. “After a bit, Iven, you can fuck his ass with the ginger.”

“Thanks, my Lady.” Iven cuddled against Onyx’s other side at Lady Audrey’s gesture.

Masturbation Monday… where getting off is half the fun. Here’s Week #90