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Talking with Soma

So a nasty depressive episode has kept me away a few weeks. Some days I haven’t even been able to work in the more diverse, the intentionally intersectional world of Vala’s Story. However, after struggling to process some harsh comments about my work with characters who are People of Color, I engaged in some rare “finding an inspiration picture” so I could have a better image in my mind of one PoC; continued work with her had me questioning a bunch of things and led to this conversation. I don’t think she or I quite give away any spoilers for Vala’s Story, other than the fact that she does get involved with The Queen. My comments are in the regular font and Soma’s is in italics.

Okay, Soma, will you just tell me if you have or have not had vaginal penetration when you submit to The Queen?

Is this about The Queen? Simon? Vala? Or is it about my body, my choices, my upbringing?

No fair answering a question with questions. Let’s start with your body, your choices. I know your parents had a household altar. I don’t know how devout they are. While you’ve promised The Queen to talk about how you reconcile being a devout Hindu with being bisexual, polyamorous, and BDSM-oriented, you’ve never even had that conversation with me. I’ve started reading up on Tantric philosophy, looking for actual Indian voices talking about Tantra, not white “New Age”-y hipsters who are appropriating Tantric beliefs into “hot sex.”

I am not an escapee of my parents’ dreams or an arranged marriage, as Chitra is. As in the article you read, my parents never expected to be accepted here in the US, but they wanted a better life for my siblings and I, who they managed to wait until in the US to start having. While I would certainly never call my mother a feminist, she nonetheless is a feminist in the manner you are, in the manner of feminists of color who’ve sought intersectional feminism as a place of empowerment.

Understanding that “what you were taught” both requires an “at home, in your immigrant culture” and “at school, by the larger culture” division, would you please answer those two questions in regards “when should a woman have penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse?”

Yes, many of those in the culture of immigrants from India, said that women should wait for marriage. My parents were not the scientists, doctors, or computer people who find jobs easily; they didn’t leave India with a “good job” waiting for them. They knew they were lucky to get past quotas of Indian immigrants that the US policy sets for racist ends. I think my parents hoped that I would wait and find a “good Indian boy” to marry; their focus was much more on a man who would be a loving husband and a good provider. Part of why they left India because they were a love match and their parents didn’t respect their marriage because of that.

Larger culture, of course you know the scattered wreck that is rape culture and abuse culture and the sexist objectification of women’s and femmes’ bodies in the US. I was lucky however to go to public school in eastern New York, where both the state’s rejection of abstinence-only funds and progressive values led to more comprehensive sexual education. While my parents mightn’t have been comfortable with the words to teach me themselves, they didn’t remove me from those classes in school. Still not as complete an education as what you received from the LGBT youth group or what your UU-ism and other margins led you to include in your education for your daughter– at least I wasn’t taught that “waiting until marriage” was the only choice.

Okay, I see your mixed education on the subject.

But I did run in a way. When my father died suddenly and I saw my two older sisters step in to co-parent my younger siblings. I guess the stereotyped “self-less Indian family woman” skipped me. So I ran for NYC, hoping at least for the diversity we see on TV. I found a cheap (as passes in NYC) studio apartment and set up a life that wouldn’t include using the exoticizing and objectifying of my body just to feed myself. I think I was waiting, but I’m not sure for what. Sure, for a woman as dark as I am, as poor as I am, in India to still be an unmarried woman at 20 is a travesty.

I understand, no sex work- whether that be anywhere on the continuum from survival prostitution to stripping. That doesn’t comment on personally what you were doing. If you were dating? If you’d had any thoughts about sexual orientation? About your orientation, that is. I keep trying to keep my thoughts and questions here outside of the patriarchal, hetero- and mono-normative paradigms, but it’s tricky since at the end of all these questions are you submitting in a BDSM relationship that includes sexual intercourse with a cisgender man with a functioning penis.

More than just “was she a virgin” you want to know if, how I would have told The Queen if I was? How that would have affected the quickie in the main playroom?

Well you know The Queen, how he is around that sort of stuff. Had you taken the feminist stance that virginity is a social construct and not something to worry about? You know I still struggle with that around my own history, with the whole “losing my virginity” to rape and the problems of the social constructions within that.

But a “first time” can mean many things. You had a first time a penis was in your vagina, the first time a penis was in your asshole, first time you kissed a cisgender woman, first time you enjoyed performing oral sex on a cisgender woman, first time with an intersex person, first time for various BDSM things, first time for noeti-sex to use Michon’s lovely phrase, first time with a transgender woman.

You’re going to make me work for these answers, aren’t you?

I think you’ve already made decisions that you want for me, for in your book, that you hope I’ll say “it’s okay” to, that I’ll say “Yeah, that makes sense for my history as it’s come to you.” Since you can’t ask any beta readers as you’re ridiculously ahead of where any of them are reading, you’ve decided that talking to me as Annikka suggested is good, this farce of “What does Soma think?”

Brat! Okay, off to write some sex and get over this stomachache.

I *heart* U in bubble letters

Just lovemaking in the grass

I joked with Kelly and Michon on Facebook if this needed an intro :D I’m just giving it a small one. Inspired as a “part two” from the 7th Principle posts in the #UUsHaveSex series, Audrey has come over to The Queen’s mansion. I was having all sorts of emotional problems as I wrote this so it might get dodgy at points. But I decided to share it in one long (1536 words) post; I have one more “part two” post planned (Simon and Tommy) before I’m going to dive into my novels awhile. I have two more mainstream to finish and submit as well as Vala’s Story- book 3 is with my beta reader for a final read, book 4 waiting for her, so I’m going to salve my pervy heart with book 5.

“Simon was debating putting it through a few dryer cycles, but I said that just hanging it up outside would be better,” The Queen said as he lead Audrey to Erik’s swing set to grab the blanket he preferred to use in his pines.

“My man.” Audrey squeezed The Queen’s hand before helping him to pull the thick, navy blanket down from the metal frame. “But then you do have the super efficient dryers.”

“Come on.” The Queen grinned at Audrey. “Yiska was out here earlier and he said he raked the brush in the circle.” He pulled the blanket around his shoulders and started toward his trees.

Audrey felt pulled into a moment of memories, seeming him almost swaddled in the blanket bigger than him. The sun shown down pleasantly on her naked shoulders. Listening to the birds chirping in the trees, she delighted in the sparkling water of the pool Simon had built.

“My love?” The Queen called out as he paused to watch her slowly travel to him.

Her nipples throbbed against her tank top in response to his smile. She stepped faster to make it to his side. “Just enjoying the pond. Those pond lilies Simon found are precious.”

“Yes, they are, but not as precious as you. I so want to enjoy you.” The Queen lowered his eyelashes in response to her gaze on his face. “Please don’t make me beg.”

She smiled so wide, it hurt her cheeks. “But I like you begging, especially when you let me know the seriousness of your need with a contraction.” Using her hands, she pushed her way into the blanket with him. “Whatever is the matter, baby?”

“Just want you,” The Queen whined.

“Good. I want you to want me.” She pressed her lips to his naked chest. “I don’t need the trees. I need you.”

Groaning, he released her and then lowered himself to the grass. He spread the blanket out and looked up at her. “I wanna drink.”

She fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “Why, baby?”

“I… I don’t know.”

She grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him, deeply and hard, her tongue plunging between his lips. His hips pressed his crotch against hers and she longed for them to be naked. She grabbed the bottom of her top and yanked it off over her head, only giving a moment’s thought to her wig coming off with it.

The Queen shuddered as Audrey released him to kiss his way down her neck. His lips parted as he sucked and licked her skin, leaving a trail as he made it to one breast. “Lovely, lovely,” he murmured against her skin before sucking the nipple into his mouth.

Audrey’s hands moved up into The Queen’s hair, burying in his tresses and holding his controlling his head. “Yes, like that.” She moaned as his hand traveled down her torso from breast to her stomach. “Yes.” She lifted her hips. “Untie my skirt.”

His warm hand moved over her hip as he pulled the bow on her wrap-around skirt loose.

“That’s my boy,” she murmured. She smiled at Tommy stopping beside the blanket, a squat white bowl in his hand. Nodding her thanks, she watched him set the dish beside her hip before running back into the house.

With his mouth moving to her other breast, The Queen’s hand kept her nipple from getting cold. He traced his tongue around the base on her breast before drawing a line with the tip of his tongue to her nipple. He lowered his knees to the ground between her legs. “You’re so much better than a drink.”

She encouraged him to start his way down her torso. Sighing, she undulated to get closer to his loving mouth. Her body tingled with desire for his touch. She took his right hand and lead it between her legs. Groaning, she bathed in the sensations of his fingers stroking her balls, then moving up to caress her shaft, the soft pads of his fingertips collecting her pre-cum and smearing it down the glans and into the edge of her foreskin.

His elbow knocked the bowl. He looked at it and then her face.

“Your fingers first,” she purred. “Make me feel good.”

He wrapped his left hand around her shaft before dipping his right middle finger into the partially melted coconut oil. Brushing the oil between her asscheeks, he then reached for more.

Her nipples pulsed as if they would burst from pleasure as the tip of his finger slid into her asshole. His hair teased her thighs for just a moment before he threw it over his shoulder again. She bent her legs and placed her the soles of her feet on the soft blanket. His increased attentions with better access made her moan deep in her throat. She flexed her thighs to keep from thrusting up at him.

“Thank you.” He brushed his cheek against her shaft. “I love giving you this pleasure.” He caressed her frenulum with the tip of his tongue. His moans thudded into her cock as he sucked her between his lips.

She reached down and caught handfuls of his hair. “Another… finger,” she gasped.

His hand moved from her shaft as those fingers brushed more coconut oil over her ass. His long fingers stroked her balls as the tip of a second finger pressed against her asshole.

Wallowing in the building ecstasy, she bared down on his fingers. “Baby boy.” She hissed with the almost overwhelming stretch of his second, thick finger moving into her trembling body. “Slow, slow,” she whispered.

“Yes, my love.” He brushed his nose and cheeks across the glans before taking her shaft back into his mouth.

“Unnnnh,” she groaned as her body relaxed into his curled caress. Her noise rose into a strangled cry as his finger tapped against her prostate. “So good, baby.” She pressed her toes into the blanket, into the ground. “Gentle, like. I want to feel you inside me before I come too.”

The Queen whimpered around Audrey’s cock.

“That’s right. Get me ready for your beautiful cock, boy.” She sighed with the gentle pressure of his other hand applying more oil on his fingers. Easing one hand out of his messy hair, she brought her fingers up to her chest, She lightly pinched one nipple and then the other, her gasps harmonizing with his groans. With his two fingers sliding fully into her asshole, her hips released into the spasms of an ejaculation-less orgasm.

He pulled his mouth up until he was able to kiss the perfectly shining head of her cock. “Love you, love you so much,” he murmured against her skin. He dragged the flat of his tongue up and down her shaft.

She started to cry softly.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, my beautiful boy. Want your cock.” Her hand still in his hair dropped between her legs to touch his wrist. “It’s been so very long and I want it to be you.” She held in a breath as his emotions flitted over his gorgeous face.

Throwing his hair over his shoulders again as he moved back to his knees between her legs, he looked into her eyes and then smiled. “Yes, thanks.” He took a palmful of the oil and stroked his cock with it from base to the very tip of his shining head. He clasped her calves and lifted them onto his shoulders. He paused to ask, “You sure?”

“Yes!” She pushed out every bit of her breath as he brushed his cock over her asshole. She panted to bring the oxygen back into her body as he eased himself past her tight muscle.

He grasped her hip with one hand as he wrapped his other hand around her shaft. “Love you, my Lady.” Blinking at the title that slipped past his lips, he dropped his gaze to the joining of their bodies.

“Love you,” she murmured and grabbed his knee. She felt her muscles tense around his cock as she expected pain, but he held still. His thumb moving over her slit encouraged her to relax again. Her head rocked back with the pleasure of him sliding further into her. “Yes,” she sighed. His cock slid over her prostate and she grunted with renewed readiness to come.

“Love my Audrey. Love you.” He slowly drew back and then slid in again, his balls brushing against her tailbone. “Thank you, love.” Gasping, he made love to her, whimpers following gasps at her body’s hold on his cock.

She tightened around him as her cum shot out over his hand, onto her stomach. “Love!” She reached up for him even as he was crashing down onto her. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she clung to him as he groaned his own orgasm.

He pushed his hands beneath her head. “Love you so much.”

“Love you, baby.” She lifted her head to kiss his trembling lips, moaning when he lowered her head back to his hands even as he continued kissing her. Their bodies’ connections felt so very good. She’d ask in a moment why he wanted to drink.

A nature path

Abrecan’s wyrd

I’m going to invite you into a conversation I had with some friends on Facebook;  I often questions things from “what makes a sex scene?” to “Is Vala’s Story a serial, a series, or something else?” to “Do I actually write BDSM erotic romance, or do I break too many tropes to be considered romance?” Specific to the scene belong, I questioned “Is this a failed sex scene or something entirely different?”

Leading from Prisca and Abrecan in her bedroom, The Queen takes the twosome out to his circle of pine trees for spiritual and intimate connection.

Prisca opened the door from the pool room and took off running across the grass. “Can’t catch me!” she called out, giggling.

“If I had to fall, I’m grateful you gave me to her, my Queen,” Abrecan sighed.

“If you had to?” The Queen asked.

“Well what is it you believe in, my Queen? Norse paganism has that idea like karma, my Queen?”

“You are thinking of the wyrd and people try to understand it as being like karma, but the two concepts are not exactly direct analogs. I think the understanding sneaks up on one as they thoroughly study the lore and consider it in the context of life in the Germanic areas.”

“May I please borrow your copy of the Eddas, my Queen?”

“Of course.” The Queen wrapped one arm around Abrecan’s waist. “But may I ask how wyrd and having to fall work in your mind?”

“I’m not sure yet- it’s so messy in my mind, my Queen. As I said to my Lady Prisca before you arrived, once dominant, once submissive, my Queen.”

The Queen nodded. “In asking to borrow my Eddas, does that mean you feel called to it at your roots in a way that Wicca does not?”

“I am every bit as German as you are, my Queen.” Abrecan squeezed The Queen’s hand where it rested against his stomach.

“Very true.” The Queen kissed Abrecan’s cheek. “Well among the pines is a good place to go then.” He followed Abrecan’s gaze to Prisca leaning from behind a tall pine. “Once submissive, once dominant?”

“Yeah, my Queen.” Abrecan grinned. “I think you made the perfect choice for me, my Queen. It’s too easy to assume dominance for one read as male in this culture, my Queen. Please let me be like Greta, staying in your bottom-most class always, my Queen.”

“Yes, my love.” Starting them moving at a light jog, The Queen hurried them to Prisca. “I shoulda ordered you to put something on.”

“But then you would have missed out on my naked ass as I ran, my Queen.” Prisca smirked. “I was trying to distract you both from the apparently serious conversation you were having.”

“I may just have to punish you then,” The Queen threatened playfully.

Prisca batted her eyelashes at The Queen.

The Queen snorted. “Come on.” He pulled his submissives into the circle with him. Smiling at the thick blanket Prisca had spread in the middle of the trees, he led Prisca and Abrecan onto it. “That was lovely, in your bed, Prisca.”

“Thanks, my Queen.” She pressed her cheek against his naked chest. “The wonders of your private backyard.”

“Yeah.” The Queen wrapped an arm each around Abrecan and Prisca. “I think the circle of trees is enough?”

Prisca dropped to her knees in front of the men.

“Prisca,” The Queen moaned. He reached down to caress her head as she took his semi-hard cock in her mouth while clutching Abrecan’s shaft with her hand.

Abrecan rested his cheek on The Queen’s shoulder. “Guess this helps your plan, my Queen?”

“Definitely.” The Queen lowered his head just a bit to kiss Abrecan’s forehead. “Although just the thought of making love to you started me on the way to hard.”

“My Queen,” Abrecan sighed.

Humming against The Queen’s cock, Prisca let her hand drop to Abrecan’s balls.

“Lay down on your side, my stormy boy,” The Queen ordered and Abrecan moved away on the blanket.

Watching Abrecan’s chest move with his breaths, The Queen sighed before taking Prisca’s shoulders and urging her to stand. “Lay on your side facing him,” he murmured.

“Yes, my Queen.” Prisca stretched to kiss The Queen at the base of his neck. “Can I let Abrecan stop shaving too?”

The Queen chuckled. “Sure.” As Prisca moved into the ordered position, he settled onto his side behind Abrecan. “Woden, Wili, We.”

Abrecan shuddered.

Making eye contact with Prisca, The Queen gave a little nod. They thrust together, Prisca seating herself on Abrecan’s cock as The Queen’s cock slid into Abrecan’s consenting asshole.

“Our fathers only knew one form of slavery, not this.” The Queen lay one arm over Abrecan and Prisca. “We know today that strength comes in many more forms.”

“Strength comes in many more forms,” Prisca and Abrecan repeated.

“You are strong even in passivity. My man, my sub.” Prisca caressed Abrecan’s right shoulder.

“My man, my sub,” The Queen echoed before pressing his face against the back of Abrecan’s head. Breathing in the scent of his shampoo a long moment before lifting his lips, he began, “Goddesses, this one’s destiny has completed one circle.”

“The circle is perfect,” Prisca responded.

Abrecan groaned at the voices and love surrounding him. He panted, his lips remaining parted. “Beginning and ending.”

The Queen’s smile pressed into Abrecan’s hair. “They are one and the same in transition.”

“I can’t,” Abrecan whimpered.

“Sh. This moment is about connection, not coming,” The Queen soothed. “Although coming, if it happens, is not to be begged or even thanked in this moment. We are outside of hierarchy in this circle, in this moment.”

“Yes.” Abrecan pressed his shoulders back against The Queen’s chest.

“We are equal before the Gods.” Prisca brushed her lips over the stubble on Abrecan’s chin.

“While dishonesty has led you to perfection, honesty is still prized above it,” The Queen called out.

Abrecan gasped.

“Honesty is best,” Prisca murmured. She pressed against Abrecan everywhere their bodies touched, as The Queen responded with equal pressure from behind.

“Honesty is best,” Abrecan repeated. “I’ll never try to escape with mind-altering substances again.”

Prisca touched her forehead to Abrecan’s; The Queen buried his face in Abrecan’s hair.

Vibrating against them, Abrecan closed his eyes. “I am strong with your guidance.”

“And we will guide where your parents failed,” The Queen and Prisca responded.

A brisk rain started to fall just then, the force of its failing pushing its way through the trees’ canopy even as the three covered their faces in their love from the pelting rain.

“We shall take that as the Gods’ blessing and move in to my hot tub.” The Queen laughed. “We, Wili, Woden.” Having softened with the cold rain, his cock slid out of Abrecan. “If you want to read the Eddas, I will also recommend A Chosen Faith to balance Norse paganism with UU.”

A disoriented Abrecan let The Queen and Prisca lead him onto the grass. “My Queen, my Lady, yes.”

“I think a stop for food first, my Queen.” Prisca smiled up at The Queen.

“Right you are. It seems our boy had a connection he has never felt even when I called the family to a Blot.” The Queen kissed Abrecan’s cheek.

WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Fetish neighbors to the rescue

Did I remember to spellcheck? Just kidding, I did :D but otherwise this is fresh writing that you all are getting to be the first to read. However I need a spanking because I’ve been so focused on my #UUsHaveSex series that this poor thing is languishing to be finished. I wonder- what newness can I have for you next week? :D So here’s hoping I have the buy links for “Laura Challenges” soon, but for now, below this post, you can enjoy the smoking hot cover art and the blurb.

scene setup: Terry (who’s black) and Katrina have invited Jack and Laura back to their apartment (that shares a wall with Laura’s apartment) to celebrate — and evil laughter, you’ll have to wait for “Laura Learns” to be published to learn what they’re celebrating.

Katrina poured three glasses of white wine and then a glass of sparkling grape juice. “Master?” She handed Terry a glass before giving Laura and then Jack glasses.

“Sorry ahead for my bad etiquette, but I wonder how you ended up using master for a title?” Laura asked.

“It was a long process no doubt affected by my acquisition of spoken English.” Katrina laughed. “Then there was my move from Russian novels to those lovely romance novels in English. It can be tricky when you learn a lot of slang in a foreign language from reading rather than hearing it.”

Terry took a sip of his wine. “Also as I taught her about the history of racism in the US, I think she took a lot of pleasure in the irony of the term at first.”

Katrina relaxed against their large navy blue sofa; the piece of furniture made her look like a child using her parents’ furniture. “Oh, I still enjoy the irony, Master.” She turned slightly toward Laura when she also sat on the sofa. “There is definite portions of race play within BDSM but it’s not something we really engage in. I find it’s enough just to be ourselves.”

Grinning at Jack, Terry said, “You really don’t need to be shy about asking any questions. You did mention the other day that both you and Laura are very new.”

“I believe we are both avoiding being intrusive, despite any curiosity based on making similar decisions,” Jack offered.

“What did you think of the munch?” Katrina asked Laura.

“I had a great time, although I admit that the memories of the evening are mixed between experiencing Jack experiencing his brother as he never had as well as the awesome scene he managed to do with me. Oh and the power going out.” Laura straightened her skirt hem over her knee.

banner image for "Laura Challenges," an ebook by Joelle Casteel

banner image for “Laura Challenges,” an ebook by Joelle Casteel

When Laura goes out one night, she doesn’t expect to meet a handsome eligible man. She definitely doesn’t expect him to be interested in her or to ask her out on a date. Laura hits it off with Jack right from the beginning and there’s an easy connection between them. But an experience on their remarkable first date pushes her to wonder if she can have something more with Jack.

Would he be a compatible partner in meeting her sexual desires? Laura decides she wants to push her own boundaries and explore the world of BDSM. Can Jack still be the man for her? She’ll find out if he’s up to take her challenge.

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Masturbation Monday- Where etting off is half the fun...

Gaelan’s Foreskin

I began to ponder if this was right for Masturbation Monday, even though the inspiration picture was what in part inspired the 921 words below the hyphens. The hair colors of my dominant and submissive are the opposite of the picture, although that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. :D But for those of you who don’t follow me or are not Facebook friends with me, you might not have gathered my preoccupation with intact penises and the possibilities of foreskin play. So without further ado, I’ll let you enjoy The Queen and Gaelan as he continues to work on body positivity.

So beyond the Masturbation Monday link for today, I’m including to more links for those interested in more than just the other MM hoppers: this is a part of series #UUsHaveSex, summarized in a Facebook note here and is specifically the “part two” to the four part scene focused on the 3rd UU Principle.

The Queen relaxed against the wall beside Gaelan. “You struggle with this room?”

Nodding his head, Gaelan answered, “It reminds me of everything I lost, my Queen.”

A knock sounded on the door before Tommy stuck his head in. “Wanna see some of the pics, my Queen?”

“Sure.” The Queen cuddled against Gaelan.

Tommy knelt in front of the men and laid out six pictures.

Gaelan moaned.

“Ah, yes, you look wonderful in that one,” The Queen complimented.

Swallowing, Gaelan shook his head.

“You were looking at Yiska, weren’t you?” Tommy coaxed.

“Yes, my Lord,” Gaelan murmured.

“Leave the pictures, love. See you at dinner?”

“Yes, my Queen.” Tommy leaned over to kiss Gaelan’s forehead. “Enjoy your time with The Queen.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

The Queen picked up the picture that made Gaelan moan. He traced Yiska’s hair before moving on to Gaelan’s gorgeous thighs. “After everything we have done in the last few hours, how can you still be questioning if your body is attractive to me? Is it attractive to you? Do you seriously want to change your body?”

Gaelan considered The Queen’s questions. “I’m not sure, my Queen, but I’ve put on so much weight since you collared me.”

“How long were you suffering from Abrecan’s drug addiction before you came to me for help?”

Frowning, Gaelan licked his lips. “At least a few months, my Queen.”

“Would you like help to change your body?” The Queen shook his finger at Gaelan. “But the goal is about how you feel in your body, not what any chart says you should weigh, how any magazine says you should look.”

“Yes, my Queen.”

“I want you to look at my face in the picture.” He stroked Gaelan’s cheek as the boy obeyed. “What do you see, my love?”

“You’re so focused on me, my Queen,” Gaelan whispered.

“Yes because you are my beautiful boy.” The Queen brushed his parted lips through the tantalizing beard covering Gaelan’s jaw.

Gaelan pulled a picture out of the pile. “But I don’t look like that, my Queen.”

A picture of Ely restrained spread eagle on the stone table had caught Gaelan’s attention.

No. You and Ely are each attractive in your own ways.” He caressed Gaelan’s chest through the dress. “What does it say under your clothes?”

Gaelan turned his head to look at The Queen’s face. “Good enough, my Queen.”

“Let us pull this up to your waist.” With his boy placing his feet flat on the tiles, he guided the dress up those thighs, over the delightful ass only momentarily moved away from its precious connection with him, and over the hips. The fabric bunched around Gaelan and piled on his stomach. “There, my boy.” He reached around for Gaelan’s soft cock. His fingers danced over the foreskin.

“I… Ely” Gaelan started to argue.

“Sh, my pooka. Whatever could you have to say about him in this moment about us?” The Queen grabbed the squeeze bottle of lubricant beside him. He got some on his palm before reaching again for Gaelan’s cock. “Yes, you are intact, my love, and he is not. You know there are a mixture of intact and circumcised penis owners among my relationships.” His hand started moving up and down the shaft until the glans pushed out from the foreskin. “But now is not the time for such ponder. Close your eyes and enjoy.”

Relaxing his red mop of curls against The Queen’s shoulders, Gaelan submitted to his care. He sighed as his shaft responded to the gentle caresses. His legs collapsed back flat onto the tiles. “My Queen,” he whimpered.

“Good boy,” The Queen cooed, kissing Gaelan’s cheek just above his beard. “I want you to come when your body is ready. Just thank me.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Gaelan keened.

He wanted to adjust his swelling cock in his suddenly tight jeans, but he didn’t want to disrupt Gaelan’s emotional balance. He licked his lip as a million adjectives danced through his mind. Wrapping his left arm around his boy’s stomach, he enjoyed the closeness.

“Love you, my Queen.” Gaelan’s head rolled back and forth against The Queen’s shoulder.

“Love you. Love you, my perfect boy.” With his own arousal building, The Queen traced one of Gaelan’s earlobes with the tip of his tongue.

“My Queen!” Gaelan shuddered with the embrace of The Queen’s limbs.

“You are so beautiful. So perfect. So wonderful.” He moved his thumb over Gaelan’s cockhead, the tip of his finger sliding beneath the foreskin. “My sweet boy.”

Gaelan released a sob then.

“Got you, my boy.” The Queen twined his legs with Gaelan’s. “Love my boy. You feel so good against me.”

Panting, Gaelan furrowed his forehead with his exertions.

“Come whenever, my boy. Come,” The Queen sang.

“Am… my Queen!” Grunting and whimpering, Gaelan arched back into The Queen.

After several more strokes, Gaelan’s cum began to spill over The Queen’s fingers. He moaned and pointed his toes, surprised to find himself coming in response to his boy’s release. “That’s my boy. Good boy. Love you.”

“Love you, my Queen.” Gaelan’s eyelids fluttered as he trembled against The Queen. His chest continued to heave as he wallowed in his coming.

“In a moment, my love, we shall go take that soak in the hot tub finally.” The Queen kissed Gaelan’s cheek. He brought his cum-covered hand to his lips and enjoyed cleaning away his boy’s cum.

Whimpering, Gaelan watched The Queen feast. “Thank you, my Queen. Thank you for my life.”

#UUsHaveSex- Sex and the 7 Principles

Sharing the note summarizing my series on the Sex and the 7 Principles from Facebook:

I didn’t expect there to be that much to this series- UUsHaveSex -Sex and the 7 Principles, but after I managed over 3000 words for the scene for 3rd Principle, I figured this note. I’m pondering the possiblity of creating a PDF of all the scenes and charging maybe 99 cents; if I do that, I would be donating all proceeds to various UU churches and related organizations.

All characters I’m using are from the Vala’s Story-verse and most are cisgender. For people unfamiliar with Unitarian Universalism, here is a link that takes you to the UUA’s page about the Principles: http://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-…

Monday, I did 1st Principle (“Inherent Worth and Dignity of All People”) for the Masturbation Monday blog hop. The Queen, Tommy, and Vala are all abuse survivors (including religious abuse), but the men have had longer to process their abuse so the scene is focused on Vala. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast…

Tuesday, I did 2nd Principle (“Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations”). I used Simon and Tommy to explore this Principle. While The Queen maintains a BDSM hierarchy in his leather family, Simon and Tommy belong to “the same class.” They’ve been together 12 years. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast…

Those first two posts, the scenes managed to find their point fast enough that only one post was necessary, but not so with my story for the 3rd Principle- that’ll take 4. (“Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations.”) Gaelan is an overweight man, a bear to use the gay community’s term. For he’s also gay- not bisexual that the rest of the family. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast… is the first post. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast… is the second post. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast… is the third post. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast… is the fourth post.

Back around to Monday, I enjoyed writing about the 4th Principle (“A free and responsible search for truth and meaning”) with Prisca and Abrecan. A mixture of finding himself as a male submissive and a pagan illuminates this lovemaking with his domme Prisca. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast…

For Tuesday, we got to the 5th Principle (“The right of Conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large”) with Iona and Greta. Greta’s conscience was picking her- and both Greta and I chose to write lines. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast…

For Wednesday, I experimented with the 6th Principle ( “The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.” ). Simon has Vala, Greta, and Abrecan in his kitchen getting ready for a bake sale at their church. http://trueawesome.com/content/cast…

A jerk sent me into a tail spin on Wednesday/Thursday so the 7th Principle didn’t appear until late Thursday, finishing on Friday.

Then the 7th Principle came in a two part post. While I’d planned on using all cisgender characters, I decided I wanted to work with The Queen and Lady Audrey, thus introducing a transgender character. They start at the recycling center (the stories are all set in the early 2000s, before many/any(?) places had curbside recycling in the US) and then continue to a national park. This is part one http://trueawesome.com/content/cast… and this is part two http://trueawesome.com/content/cast…

While there is a definite request for “part 2” scenes of all of these posts, I’m still considering which scenarios would actually well support such a thing. Be watching this space for more :)

A nature path

Making love in a circle of oaks

I re-read this second part of the 7th Principle story before starting to write the introduction for it; I meant to last night, but the *humor* (not to me, but to Audrey and a few friends of mine) of writing “lines” because my Master and I were joking and He mentioned lines and said I could decide if He was serious or not about me writing lines- I’ve never ever written lines!- but I wrote the lines 50 times just in case.

So cussing out Audrey who nonetheless decided she wanted to go down on me until I came- did I mention my sadistic girl who is not my dom suggested the lines for a story that gave my Master the idea in the first place??- I am just coming to this lovely bit of scene where The Queen and Audrey are enjoying each other. Yes, we get graphic quickly :D

When the walking path forked, she started to the left. “Sanura and I found the perfect spot this way.”

“Okay.” He followed after her. “This is perfect,” he murmured as she lead him off the walking path.

They both took careful steps to respect the forest, to disturb the flora and fauna the least they could.

A large oak tree dominated the landscape in front of them, two others forming what appeared a circle of trees on either side of it.

She smiled over her shoulder at him. “Among the circle of trees, love.”

“You know how to do my pagan heart good.” He watched the ground as they walked between the oak trees. Placing the basket on the basket on a tuft of wispy grass, he then stood tall to look around.

Audrey had slipped her tshirt off; the sunlight sparkled on her preciously perfect breasts.

“My love,” he whispered as he hurried to her, his heart pounding, the arousal flooding his being.

“You have my yes, my gorgeous man.” She lead his shaking hand to one breast. With her free hand, she popped the button and pulled the zipper down on her jeans.

His other hand moved to her hip just above her turquoise gaffs. “May I?” he pleaded.

“Pull your jeans down first. I want to feel you shudder beneath me as I use your asshole.” She dragged her teeth over his lips. “You want that?”

He groaned and his hands shot to his jeans to unfasten then push them to his knees. He dropped to the forest floor and looked up at her. The litter of the forest floor teased him.

With her gaffs lowered to her knees, her penis stood proudly erect.

Unable to stop himself, he licked his lips.

“You make me wanna fuck your face when you do that,” she groaned.

“Why don’t you?” he challenged.

She knelt beside his head. Her hand thrusting into his hair, she pulled him closer. “Beg for me.”

“Audrey. Aud.” He panted to watch her gently move her foreskin back from the head of her cock.

Shoving her cock into his mouth in one deep, hard stroke, she closed her eyes in pleasure.

He reached up to touch her thigh, Tears came to his eyes as part of his mind concentrated on not gagging, no matter how much harder his own cock got when he did gag. He wiped his eyes with the back of his other hand before dragging this loving moisture over her balls.

“Love you,” she gasped. “My sugar boy.”

His fingers pressed into her skin as he held on through the wonderful ravishment.

“I think you could come from me fucking your face. The ecstasy in your beautiful blue eyes.”

Groaning, he pushed his tongue against her shaft. The cold, stickiness of his pre-cum on his stomach momentarily pulled his attention away from her face.

“But I don’t want to just fuck your face, no matter how good it feels.” She drew back until just the head of her cock rested on his lips.

“Love you.” He pressed the tip of his tongue against her frenulum.

“Get me more wet so I can enjoy your ass.” She thrust back into his mouth.

He wrapped his lips around her cock and sucked. He bathed her with his saliva. Loving the feel of her gliding back and forth across his tongue, he whimpered when she withdrew.

“Remember, quiet,” she whispered as she lay on top of him and guided her cockhead into his asshole.

He shoved his shirt up so he could feel her breasts pressed against him before he wrapped his arms around her waist and held on. Clenching his jaw, tightening his arms, he fought the desire to pull her in for a kiss or to bury his hands in her hair. A moan caught in his throat as he gloried at the feeling of her cock slamming into him, filling him, sliding across his prostate.

“You look so good when you’re about to come,” she whispered. Her red curls tossed around them with her movements. “We’ll have to shower up in the bathroom.”

A muted groan escaped his trembling lips.

“Sh,” she urged and her eyes closed.

He longed to scream, to beg her to fill him with her cum. Instead he shuddered against the ground as his orgasm pumped out of his cock, his cum spreading between their writhing bodies.

Her fingers pressed into his armpit as she pushed down on him, lost in her orgasm. A whisper of a moan poured from her as she pressed the softest kiss to his lips. Her hair sealing them into darkness, she murmured, “Love you, my sugar boy.”

“Love you.” He released the smallest whimper when she eased her cock out of him, the foreskin shining with her cum. “Baby, hold me please.” His arms slid up her body just a bit.

“You’ll make me have to fix my wig,” she gently teased.

“I was a good boy and did not touch it,” he joked in return.

“You and your talk making me think you want to be my sub again.”

“Does it matter what we are?”

Audrey kissed The Queen’s forehead before rolling to his side. She opened the picnic basket.

The Queen watched her crawl back to him with her clothing still down and a white plastic box in hand.

“I see Tommy packed the lunch since he included some of his homemade wipes.” She pulled one off-white moist piece of paper towel from the box. Carefully removing one wipe, she moved the moist rag over his lower belly, cleaning away his cum. Smiling, she reached between his legs to clean him there.

He sighed and closed his eyes as he enjoyed her care. “Thanks, love.” Still feeling wonderfully relaxed, he pulled his jeans up. He opened his eyes in time to see her holding a second wipe as she cleaned her balls, stomach, and finally her gorgeous penis, the foreskin moving with her gentle strokes.

After a moment, she dropped the used wipes into the portable, canvas trash can Tommy had included in the basket. She gripped her gaffs and eased them up her hips, adjusting their fit against her cock before pulling up her jeans.

“We going to eat here or move to a picnic table?” He sat up where he was.

“Let’s move to a table. No need to encourage others to go off the path, especially those who are not only breaking the park’s rules, but disrespecting nature.”

Nodding, he got to his feet and grabbed their things. “Love you, my sweet Audrey.”

“Love you, sugar boy. Let’s go take care of this appetite you worked up in me.”

A nature path

The Queen and Audrey sort recycling

So I arrive at the 7th and final Unitarian Universalist Principle (I’ll be sharing the Facebook note summarizing the series once I have it finished and set to “public”); I just had half a thought to do the 6 Sources, but I decided against it- after all, I’m not quite as interested and I have readers asking me to further elaborate on the situations I started for some of the Principles. I’ll be taking votes in the comments :D

The 7th Principle is “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” The Queen and Lady Audrey, or Audrey as he often calls her for at the time, they are peers or equals in BDSM terms, are both UUs. They toss back and forth their thoughts on this Principle, which can sadly get minimized to “greenwashing” meaninglessness.

“Didn’t have any subs to do this for ya?” Audrey teased The Queen.

“You know I enjoy handling the recycling sorting, love. Plus it is giving us some time just the two of us.” The Queen looked at an empty plastic jug before tossing it in the appropriate recycling bin.

Audrey grabbed an empty mayonnaise bottle. “You never said what you wanted to do between this and meeting up with our loves at the social justice meeting at church.”

Tossing the last plastic item into its bin, he moved to the glass. “A picnic lunch?”

“As long as Simon made it.”

The Queen gasped and held his chest. “You wound me.”

“Just teasing, sugar boy. I’ll enjoy whatever you brought.”

Flexing his bicep, he threw a squat, clear jar into the large metal dumpster. He grinned at the satisfying shatter of glass.

“That grin says it’s been entirely too long since you’ve had sex.”

“Almost done. Wanna help take care of my grin?”

“Thought you would never ask.” She grabbed a misshapen ball of light brown glass. “What the heck is this?”

“Greta took some glass craft class. She must have brought it home and changed her mind.”

Audrey leaned close to The Queen. “It feels smooth. I bet it could be a lovely sex toy.”

Swallowing, The Queen nodded.

“Let’s get out of here.” She stowed the empty glass bin into the others and then picked them up. “Coming?” She tossed her amber curls over her shoulder.

He hurried after her. “You picked that wig to tease me,” he growled with his lips against her shoulder.

“And it would seem it worked.” She waited beside the back sliding door of his van. “Going to unlock it?”

“Yeah.” He pressed the unlock button on his key fob. “But I wanted to touch your hair as I made love to you.”

Audrey pushed the door open and put the bins in. “You being a whiny white boy?” Grinning, she hopped into the passenger seat. “Who says I won’t make love to you?”

He slammed the door closed and then hurried around to the driver’s side door. He threw open his door and jumped into his seat. “Are you trying to force me to beg?” He revved the engine before starting to back out of the parking spot. “Picnic now?”

“Sure. Take me to some lovely spot that’ll remind me of the reasons to recycle.” She cackled at his wrinkled nose. “Why you being a super serious UU right now? You know I believe in the whole ‘respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part’. Take me to a lovely spot where we can make love.”

He turned left out of the recycling centers parking lot. “It almost seems silly when I have my own backyard.”

“A change of pace can be good. Isn’t that part of why you sometimes bring the recycling yourself?”

“Yeah.” Turning right at the intersection, he traced his fingers over the steering wheel as he pondered. “Are you going to volunteer in the highway clean up?”

“I figured. Pekka and Didier wanted to as well. Pekka got the highway commission to agree that people can use biodegradable garbage bags for pick up if they provide the bags.”

“That is wonderful! You had not told me he was successful.” He plucked her hand from her lap and brought it to his lips for a kiss.

“Aw, sweet. Sometimes it seems we’re both trying to make up for not being cradle UUs with our enthusiasm.”

The Queen clicked his tongue. “Well my parents are a wash, but I imagine that your momma, in an area with a UU congregation, may very well have found her way to UU-ism. She may even have made it through the Black Power controversy to stay.”

“I hope so.” Audrey blinked and a tear streaked down her cheek.

“But today should be a happy day.”

She nodded. “I think I’ll light a candle for her this Sunday.”

He turned into the national park’s parking lot. “I donated to the local tribe last month as well as to groups among the Dine and Hopi that Kaya and Yiska told me about.”

“Good.” She glanced out the window as he pulled into a parking space. She hopped out and waited on the curb for him.

Van turned off, wicker picnic basket retrieved from the back, doors locked, he joined her. “Come on, baby.”

“Hey.” She grinned. “Baby is my name for you.”

He snorted. “Baby and sugar boy and hon and all sorts of other endearments designed to keep me thinking on making love to your beautiful body.” He kissed her cheek. “Most beautiful woman in the world?”

“Now I can do with that.” Audrey laughed as The Queen started them down a walking path. She linked her hand with his free one.

“It is so relaxing here. I always want to do a chalice lighting.”

She smirked. “It’s a thought.”

Part Two will arrive some time between 10pm EST on Saturday and 8am on Sunday.

Updated for the link to part two http://trueawesome.com/content/casteel/2016/09/02/7principle2/

WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Fetishists in *vanilla* public

It feels weird to be taking a break from my “UUs and sex” series to dip my toes into WIP iT Up Wednesday- although I realize that I double posted :D. But I decided to share a BR-inspired chapter from “Laura Learns” (Kink Challenge Book 2); Laura finds out that, much to her embarrassment, the couple that she thought was a domestic violence situation are actually a fetish couple.

Jack meets up with Laura at the diner instead her office building and waiting in line, they meet up with Laura’s neighbors.

Studying the line of people gathering outside the diner for their dinner specials, Laura spotted Jack halfway through the line. She sidled up to him, appreciating the warmth of his spicy cologne, the heat that bloomed in his eyes when he looked over at her.

He offered his left hand to her and she took it. “So did you have a good day at work?”

“It was good, especially when I had the moment to think of you.” She laughed. “And my planned career change.”

Grinning, the gesture taking on a predatory aspect in her eyes, he said, “I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or put off that you thought of me as well as your career.”

She squeezed his hand. “I wouldn’t have had the courage and inspiration to make the change without you.”

He gave her a quick kiss before they moved up several steps with a large group of people having been seated. When they stopped again, he said, “Nadia told me to say hello. I think we’re all looking forward to the dinner party on Friday.”

“Laura, is that you?” she heard a man ask behind her.

Laura looked over her shoulder. “Terry?” She smiled when she saw Katrina with him. “How good to see you.”

“Would you like to join us for dinner?” Jack offered.

“That would be lovely.” Terry patted Katrina’s pale, delicate hand. “Mind if I tell them our good news?”

Katrina beamed at Terry and her lips shaped the word ‘sir’ before he nodded.

“We’re just coming from our doctor’s office. He confirmed what the home pregnancy test said. We’re expecting!”

“Congratulations.” Jack patted Terry’s shoulder.

“That’s wonderful.” Laura turned toward Katrina. “Do you know how far along you are?”

“Just entering my second trimester.” Katrina smiled and patted her flat lower belly. “If I’m anything like my mother, I should start ballooning up soon. Terry says he’ll love me just as much when I’m pregnant.”

The hostess asked, “How many?”

“Four,” Jack answered.

She grabbed plastic menus. “This way.”

As they walked, Laura took the moment to study Terry as he talked to Jack. He was tall, like Jack, just black. Not light skinned black either, she pondered as she considered what his and Katrina’s baby might look like. Was racism more the reason she’d never warmed up to her neighbors before?

“Have you ever thought if you’d want any children?” Katrina frowned. “Sorry, I’m always forgetting that that’s not really something you’re supposed to ask here.”

Laura sighed. “It doesn’t stop many people, even if that’s the cultural expectation.” She met Jack’s gaze when he looked over his shoulder as if waiting for her answer. “Well I’m an only child, but come from a large, rather stereotypical Italian family. I think I might like to be a mother, but I’ve been too busy working to find the right man until recently.”

Arching an eyebrow, Jack waited for Katrina and Laura to slide into one side of the booth before he and Terry sat on the other side.

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Passive sex in the kitchen

So I had all sorts of fun in this post for the “UUs and sex” series :D I broke the fourth wall. Mixed bisexual men and women in liberal amounts of sexuality. And don’t forget the religion! Because “religion” for UUs is so much more than just sitting in a church pew on Sunday morning and listening to a minister. I’m up to the 6th Principle with this post: “The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.”

“Good, we all arrived clothed so no fetching of robes.” Simon looked over Abrecan, Vala, and Greta standing in front of him.

Abrecan laughed. “How funny that being clothed isn’t expected in our family, my Lord.”

“Well look at our Author, sitting naked at her computer?” Simon shook his head as if to rebuild the fourth wall. “Now has everyone thought of a dish or two that you would like to make? We’re the family members engaged in bake sale cooking this time so we won’t dominate the offerings quite as ridiculously as the other time.”

Giggling, Vala clutched her ereader. “But that was so funny to see our offerings covering two whole folding tables, my Lord. And think of how much our church was able to donate to the UUSC in addition to local causes?”

“True, that was a very successful sale.” Simon glanced at Abrecan and Greta. “I’m guessing Vala has a cookbook on her ereader, but what about the two of you? Not using recipes or have something memorized?”

“My Lady Vala’s cookbook has what we were wanting to make too, my Lord,” Abrecan replied.

“And with your permission, I was going to beg The Queen’s permission to print their recipes in his den, rather than going all the way to the computer room, my Lord,” Vala added.

“That’s fine. He was in his den last I knew. Can either of you take quick looks to start ovens pre-heating?”

“Sure, my Lord.” Greta accepted Vala’s ereader and turned it on.

“As you’re doing that, I’m going to gather matches so we can do a chalice lighting before we get started.” He opened his odds and ends drawer to find the rainbow votive candle and its white ceramic holder. Smiling at the chalice symbol that he’d carefully painted in gold paint, he placed the candle on counter and started looking for matches.

“That is such a beautiful chalice, my Lord.” Abrecan moved to Simon’s side.

“Would you like to offer the words today? You who just started talking about membership? At least of the CUUPs chapter?” Simon kissed Abrecan’s cheek.

“Yes, please, my Lord.” Abrecan shrugged. “Somehow it’s just seeming so right, especially after the other day with my Lady Prisca and The Queen, my Lord.”

Simon nodded. “Oh, just one title for me per utterance, for all three of you. Vala, do you have a preference for Abrecan and Greta?”

Vala looked up from reading her ereader with Greta. “Just once for me to since we’re going to be busy with baking and cooking.” She tapped the black edge of her holder. “There it is. 400 degrees.” She passed her ereader to Abrecan. “I think the first thing you wanted to do was directly after Greta’s recipe.”

“Thanks, my Lady.” Abrecan pushed a button.

“Cuddles, my Lord?” Vala grinned at Simon.

“You are such a brat.” Simon caught and held Vala against him. “Did you ever write out all the dishes, except for mine, like I asked?”

“On the kitchen table, my Lord,” Vala mumbled into Simon’s shirt.

“Good girl.” He caressed her hair, his finger tangling in her curls. “You forgot a pony tail.”

“But then you wouldn’t be able to do that so good, my Lord.”

“Are you trying for a using?”

Vala smirked. “Gotta go see about that printing first, my Lord.”

“Okay, my Lady, I have my oven temperature,” Abrecan said before offering her ereader to her.

“I should spank you for that,” Simon playfully threatened as Vala hurried out of the room.

“Sounds good to me, my Lord.” Abrecan leaned against the counter beside Simon.

“Do you know just how good you look when you’re smiling and relaxed like that?” Simon teased.

Abrecan blushed, his gaze dropping to the floor.

“When you do that, it reminds me of watching that boy just turned eighteen laying under the sheets looking so edible,” Simon growled.

“My Lord,” Abrecan whimpered. “Should… should

“I’ve already told Prisca that I want to enjoy your company until at least bedtime.” Simon took Abrecan by the hips and moved the boy to between his legs. “There you are. So can you still think of appropriate words for the chalice lighting while you’re so turned on?”

“They might not be very church-worthy, my Lord.”

Simon smirked. “Our minister said fuck in her sermon this past Sunday.” He dragged his parted lips down Abrecan’s jaw. “Of course we can’t do anything too sexual with Erik wandering around his rooms this afternoon.”

“No, my Lord,” Abrecan whispered as he trembled against Simon.

“You’ll have to wait until I take you back to my room and can strip you and then tie you down to my bed.” Simon caressed Abrecan’s neck with lips and tongue.

Abrecan held tight onto Simon’s waist. “Yes, my Lord!”

“He might not even be able to cook if you keep teasing him so, my Lord.” Greta turned off the water where she’d been preparing a sink for the dishes they would be using.

“Look at you not getting flustered over there,” Simon teased.

“Because my Lady Iona got it into her mind to go down on me and finger me until I was begging not to come anymore, my Lord.” Greta moved to the next sink, pushed its plug into the drain, and turned on the hot water.

“Snarky.” Simon gnawed on Abrecan’s chin for a moment. “So why aren’t I fucking you right now?”

“Erik’s home, my Lord,” Abrecan gasped.

“Right you are. So I can only stroke this delightful bulge through your shorts. Are they loose enough for me to fondle you through the leghole?”

“Uh… maybe, my Lord.” Abrecan pressed himself against Simon’s hand wandering up one leghole to grasp his hard cock.

“Are you my sexy little boy?” Simon breathed against Abrecan’s earlobe.

“Please, my Lord,” Abrecan whined.

Vala giggled again as she skipped back into the kitchen. “Got the printed recipes, my Lord.”

Simon hugged Abrecan again. “Time to do the chalice lighting, boy.”

Whispering into Abrecan’s ear, Vala passed him the matches and chalice.

“The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.” Abrecan smiled at Vala. “As we light this chalice, we should keep these words in mind so they wind themselves into the very beginning of the food we’re cooking for the bake sale.” He stopped, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “And let us remember the covenanted relationships of BDSM in this family that only seem to contradict ‘justice for all’.” He struck the match on the side of the box and lit the candle. “Where should I place the chalice, my Lord?”

“By this coffee maker.” Simon patted the counter.

Abrecan put the flaming chalice beside Simon’s hand. He returned to his dominant’s embrace. “Thanks, my Lord,” he whispered.

“Of course. I plan many more things for you say thanks for before the days end.”