"White" skin and black body hair

Gaelan set up for Tommy’s photo shoot

With the continuation of the 3rd Principle exploration with The Queen, Tommy, Yiska, and Gaelan, let me share the link to the UU Principles page: http://www.uua.org/beliefs/what-we-believe/principles

So please bear with me- I’m sleepy and all messed up because of my period. But I’m definitely enjoying this Principles series. This section and then 2 more before I move on to the 4th Principle- “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” I have a non-Vala-related book coming out soon and that will interrupt the series :D

Some details for those not familiar with my Vala’s Story serial/series. Vala and Iona are both tiny women; 5’4″ and 4’10” respectively. Vala is also a recovering drug addict (largely stimulants) and anorexic. Tommy is tall like The Queen, but is more slender and his upper body strength not nearly as developed.

Summary from part 1: Tommy and Yiska take Gaelan to the so-called “Iona’s Garden” area of The Queen’s mansion. Yiska has written “gorgeous” in red grease paint across Gaelan’s torso. The Queen has just arrived in the greenhouse and agrees that he does find Gaelan to be a gorgeous man.


“There.” Yiska turned to Tommy. “How did you want him positioned?” He placed Gaelan’s dress on the empty stone bench.

“How about straddling the bench near The Queen since he’s joined us?” Tommy gestured toward The Queen with his chin.

Gaelan trembled toward The Queen.

“Good boy.” The Queen held Gaelan’s hand as the boy settled himself on the stone bench, his ass nestling against the jean-covered crotch. “So very gorgeous.” His hands moved over his boy”s shoulders, ruffled his hair. “So exquisitely desirable, I thought as I studied you across the circle of chairs when we first meet.”

“Desirable. That’s the next word, my Queen.” Tommy moved around the stone bench taking pictures as The Queen continued to caress Gaelan.

“Lean your cheek against The Queen’s shoulder, Gaelan.”

Gaelan closed his eyes as he cuddled against The Queen.

Tommy knelt beside the bench and aimed his camera up.

“Very good.” Tommy tossed a moist rag to Yiska. “Okay. Replace gorgeous with desirable. Let him stay there as The Queen pleases.”

Yiska knelt between Gaelan’s legs. “Are you enjoying the afternoon, my Queen?”

“Very much.” The Queen kissed the back of Gaelan’s head. “I want you and your girls in my bed tonight. Come to my room at ten unless I order earlier.”

“Yes, my Queen.” Yiska rubbed the rag over Gaelan’s skin, first blurring the letters before making them disappear.

The Queen dragged his lips across Gaelan’s neck. “I think once Tommy is done with his plan, I will enjoy you before returning you to Raanan.”

“Yes, my Queen,” Gaelan moaned.

“Desirable.” Yiska danced his fingers over Gaelan’s thigh before he started writing, this time starting beside the right nipple. “Do you understand how it’s only the pleasure of the two men in control of this situation that I don’t ask you to join me on the grass?”

“My Lord?” Gaelan’s cock twitched as it continued its journey to erect.

Yiska brushed his free hand up to down Gaelan’s side, his fingers moving over the two rolls of skin that the boy tried to hide by sucking in his breath. “No, relax. You are desirable as you are. Did you notice how The Queen’s legs tightened against you as you tried to struggle?”

“No, my Lord.” Gaelan tilted his head so he could look at The Queen’s face. “They did, my Queen?”

“Yes because it feels so wonderful to have you nestled against me,” The Queen growled. “Feeling our body hair tangle as you writhe against me makes me want to fill you with my cum.”

“My Queen,” Gaelan sighed.

“Just like that,” Tommy murmured as he sat on the stone bench to take a picture. “I half expect I may end up with a few action shots if you keep moving against The Queen as you are.”

“That would not mess up your plans?” The Queen asked.

“I’d ask that you wait through two more words, my Queen.” Tommy paused beside Gaelan. “You are very, very desirable.” He leaned over to kiss the boy’s forehead and then his lips. “Lovable is the next word.” Stepping away, he made room for Yiska to again clean the submissive’s chest and stomach.

“Yes, lovable.” The Queen rained kisses on Gaelan’s neck, ear, cheek. “I love you so much, my pooka.”

“I love you, my Queen.” Gaelan released a long, whistling breath as Yiska kissed one nipple and then the other. “My Lord?”

“Yes, I love you too.” Yiska brushed his fingers across Gaelan’s belly just above his navel. “See how the word ends? So entirely lovably adorable.” He let his chin graze over Gaelan’s lower stomach.

“Is there something you would beg for Yiska?” The Queen asked.

“To suck Gaelan’s cock, unless that disrupts my Lord Tommy’s plans, my Queen.”

Tommy laughed. “That’s fine with me. Good thing I develop my own pictures.” He wandered to the other side of the bench. “I may just have to use different camera angles to get the word around your head, Yiska.”

“I’m sure you’ll guide my head if you need, my Lord.” Watching as The Queen scooted himself and Gaelan to one end of the bench, Yiska then balanced the makeup stick behind them. He lowered himself to his knees. Wrapping his arms around Gaelan’s waist until his hands rested against The Queen, he licked his lips. He traced the tip of his tongue up Gaelan’s hardening shaft; the boy’s huffed breaths sounded lovely above him.

The Queen laid his hands on Yiska’s arms, surrounding Gaelan in their embrace.

The sound of Tommy rapidly pressing the button echoed in the room.

“But… how can you… love me, my Queen?” Gaelan argued. “You can’t… can’t pick me… up, like Vala… my Queen.”

Lips pressed against Gaelan’s neck, The Queen replied, “Can I pick up Tommy? What does being able to pick someone up have to do with love?”

Gaelan moaned when Yiska sucked harder. “Um

“Does Iona not love me because she cannot pick me up?” The Queen continued.

“That’s a silly notion, isn’t it, my Queen?” Gaelan whimpered.

“But it is what our culture teaches from the perspective of heterosexual, cisgender men. Because we are taught to desire women smaller than us. But that is not how I have constructed my family, is it?”

“No, my Queen.” Gaelan’s chest heaved with every overwhelming thing in the moment. “My Queen?”

“When you are ready to come, just give appropriate thanks,” The Queen replied.

Yiska took one hand and grasped Gaelan’s balls, applying steadily growing pressure as he delighted at the pubic hair scratching his palm.

Tommy stopped beside the bench. “My Queen, could you please wipe off lovable now? I think he’s ready to move on to fuckable.”

The Queen chuckled as he accepted the rag from Tommy. “I like fuckable. Yiska, might you like to fuck Gaelan’s ass while I make him come with my hand?”

Yiska lifted his gaze to The Queen’s face. Slowly he backed off Gaelan’s cock, just the head remaining against his lips. “I would love that, but shouldn’t one of us write the word first, my Queen?”

“Pass the stick here,” The Queen ordered with his hand out.

I’m a big tease… I’m not sure yet when part 3 will be going live :D Maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday.

"White" skin and black body hair

Gaelan led to a positive self-image

With some social justice learning as well as maturity, I’ve started to “flesh out” many of the slaves in The Queen’s stable in ways that they hadn’t been when I first started writing in this story-verse at 19. Gaelan in particular is one of those characters and I put the phrase “flesh out” because it seems almost cruel and fat-shaming with Gaelan. You see, it made sense to me that he’d be a heavy man and hairy in a way that he’d fit the category of “bear” from the gay community. As well as being a bear, or maybe a cub at the time he met The Queen, he is probably the only monosexual person in the stable; he is gay and doesn’t interact with any of the women in a sexual manner.

If you’re interested in Unitarian Universalism and our Principles, I recommend the UU Association’s website- www.uua.org


Yiska knocked on Raanan’s bedroom door and then opened it. “Might I take Gaelan for that time our Lord Tommy asked for?”

“Sure.” Raanan pulled hard on the leather strands he was braiding. “Be a good boy, Gaelan.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Gaelan walked to the door. “Did you want me to walk or crawl beside you, my Lord?”

“Walk, my boy.” Yiska wrapped an arm around Gaelan’s ample waist and led the boy into the hallway. “So how much have you played with costumes, either since you’ve been in the states or with The Queen?”

“Some when I was clubbing before I met The Queen, my Lord, but I never quite got into it,” Gaelan replied.

“Because you’re a larger man?”

The tips of Gaelan’s ears reddened. “I didn’t say that, my Lord.”

“But you thought it,” Yiska gently scolded. “I see that quickly Raanan has given in to your begging for a shirt and shorts.”

“I feel better covered, my Lord.”

“Do you think your body is something to be ashamed of?”

Gaelan opened and closed his mouth.

“I asked you a question, boy.” Yiska glowered at Gaelan.

“But I’m so big, my Lord,” Gaelan protested.

“And doesn’t every guy and some of the women in this family regularly fuck you or try to get the chance to?” Yiska clicked his tongue. “Not just fuck, but make love to you? I offered to help our Lord Tommy in this adventure because I find you infinitely attractive!”

“Thank you, my Lord,” Gaelan murmured as he turned into Yiska’s embrace.

“You are a gorgeous man.” Yiska cupped Gaelan’s neck with one hand as the other still held the shaking submissive.

Tommy stepped out of his and Simon’s room. “Come on, boys. I already have my supplies and we’re going to Iona’s garden.” He smiled at Yiska. “‘Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations’.”

Yiska nodded. “I’ve appreciated both parts of the third Principle since The Queen gave me the Unitarian Universalist Pocket Reader to enjoy. So did you want to talk about how you envision this photo shoot to go with that or are you waiting until we’re at my Lady’s garden?”

“Well I did want to ask Gaelan some questions now that we have him.” Tommy grasped Gaelan’s hand and started the trio down the stairs. “What do you think of our robes?”

“I like them very much, my Lord. All the colors The Queen has chosen are so very pretty, my Lord,” Gaelan answered softly.

“Pretty? Are they too dress-like for you that you describe them as pretty?”

Yiska watched Tommy and Gaelan out of the corner of his eye.

“Um, it’s more the colors themselves, since both genders in this family wear them, my Lord. Even The Queen has his robe for when it pleases me him to engage in ceremony, my Lord.” Gaelan licked his lips.

“Right you are. So they aren’t too dress-like for you?” Tommy repeated a portion of his question, catching Yiska’s attention.

“My Lord, I am Scottish after all. We wear kilts, even if they’re not so much daily wear, but ceremonial stuff anymore, my Lord.”

“Of course. I didn’t want to make any assumptions of your personal feelings however. You’ve been here quite some years.”

Looking around Iona’s Garden, Yiska pondered how his Lord Tommy might need his help.

“First I wanted to take pictures of you in this dress. I know it’s not a kilt nor is it probably close to any actual tartan.” Tommy held a large dress toward Gaelan.

Gaelan nodded. “Yes, my Lord.” He accepted it from Tommy, placed it on one of the stone benches, and began to strip.

“If you aren’t confident in your attractiveness, how is it that you strip so easily whether it’s with a direct or implied order?” Tommy questioned.

“Um.” Gaelan paused with his shorts covering his feet.

“Does the order make it easier?” Tommy brushed his hands against Gaelan’s naked thighs. He made eye contact with Yiska before gesturing with his head to come closer.

“Yes, my Lord,” Gaelan whimpered.

“You know, the faith that Yiska and I belong to believes in the inherent worth and dignity of all people? Even where our culture teaches otherwise?”

“Yes, my Lord.” Gaelan swayed as if he’d lean against Tommy.

“I want to remove your shirt now.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Tommy slipped his hands beneath Gaelan’s shirt and lifted. When he reached the boy’s head, he pulled the black cotton and threw it over into Yiska’s hands; he drew the shirt away from the submissive. “There you are. Naked. Just as I want you to be.” He traced a teasing path through Gaelan’s chest hair. “I’ve decided that the dress will be last. First I have some grease paint. Yiska, I’ll need you to write words on Gaelan as I get my camera ready.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Yiska responded as he moved to Tommy’s side. He accepted a stick of red body paint.

“First word, gorgeous. Fit it on his chest how it best seems to you,” Tommy ordered.

“Yes, my Lord.” Yiska traced his finger over Gaelan’s chest and stomach. “Just his chest, my Lord?”

Tommy smirked. “Fit it on his torso before I figure out a punishment you dislike.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Yiska pressed his cheek against Gaelan’s shoulder.

“I’m big enough to fit the word, my Lord,” Gaelan murmured.

“Gorgeous.” Yiska pressed his hand against Gaelan’s left nipple as he began writing the first word. “How long have you been The Queen’s submissive?”

“About two years, my Lord.” Gaelan looked down as Yiska continued with the letters, his non-writing hand sliding down the submissive’s body.

“You know he finds you gorgeous too?”

Tommy’s camera clicked then; Yiska looked up to find Gaelan’s mouth open.

“I do.” The Queen sat on the bench beside Gaelan’s new dress.

“My Queen?” Gaelan whimpered.

Part two tomorrow

WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Buying Pervertibles?

I’m exhausted so sorry for no cute intro. Thankfully, I don’t think the other hoppers on WIP It Up Wednesday will hold it against me. I decided to go shopping with Jack as he looks to buy some pervertibles for his week of ageplay with Laura; the scene starts with him dropping her off at work.

Isn’t he a wonderful Daddy? :D

Jack brought Laura’s hand to his lips and gave her knuckles a soft kiss. “Have a good day at work, love.”

Laura let out a girlish giggle. “Yes.” Her breathy reply added Sir in the air. “Love you.”

“Be waiting for me at the entrance to the diner at 5:30.”

Nodding, she grabbed her purse from her feet. “I’ll be there.” She slipped out of his car and hurried up the sidewalk into her office building.

He looked both ways before exiting the parking lot for the main road. He turned left to head for the shopping center. “Pervertibles,” he muttered as he pulled into the first parking spot he saw.

Gathering a few canvas shopping bags from the back seat of his car, he then climbed out and pushed the lock button. He planned a nice stroll through the mall with Tom’s education on pervertibles in mind.

In the accessory store just inside the entrance, a young clerk approached him and asked, “Can I help you, sir?”

“I’m looking for some fun earrings for my girlfriend. She’s only thirty-five, but she dresses much older. I’m not sure what her office’s policy is on jewelry so I’m thinking about her off hours.”

“What a wonderful boyfriend you are. There are some earrings over here that you might consider.” She led him to the right side of the store. “While some of these are really for young girls, some are just a little playful. Let me know if you need any more help.”

“Thanks.” He watched her walk back to the register station for a moment before glancing at the rack directly in front of him. With a glance by his feet, he noticed a plastic shopping basket that someone had left there. Chuckling to himself, Jack dropped one package after another into the basket. Tiny hearts covered in red rhinestones. Kittens, owls, and elephants. He licked his lips when he came across the earrings designed to look like old fashioned lollipops, the “stick” made of light yellow rhinestones and the “candy” part appearing to be made of multi-colored clay. Moving to the next rack, he selected a necklace with a Hello Kitty charm and its matching bracelet. He wandered a bit and chose several more things he found cute.

“Still doing okay?” the clerk called out as she worked with a pricing gun.

“I think I’ve made my decisions.” He grinned as he approached the cash register. “Found some adorable things for my niece too.”

She patiently rang up his multitude of purchases. “Are you sure I can’t steal you away from your girlfriend?” She laughed at her little joke.

“Sorry. I’m just trying to find the right ring to ask her to marry me.”

“Aw. I bet she’d accept a quarter machine ring if it meant a gorgeous guy like you is pledging the rest of his life.” She looked down at the register. “That’ll be $50. Will it be cash or credit?”

“Credit, thanks.” He pulled his driver’s license and credit card out of his wallet and handed them to the woman.

“Sign here please.”

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banner image for "Laura Challenges," an ebook by Joelle Casteel

banner image for “Laura Challenges,” an ebook by Joelle Casteel

Be waiting for those buy links :)


When Laura goes out one night, she doesn’t expect to meet a handsome eligible man. She definitely doesn’t expect him to be interested in her or to ask her out on a date. Laura hits it off with Jack right from the beginning and there’s an easy connection between them. But an experience on their remarkable first date pushes her to wonder if she can have something more with Jack.

Would he be a compatible partner in meeting her sexual desires? Laura decides she wants to push her own boundaries and explore the world of BDSM. Can Jack still be the man for her? She’ll find out if he’s up to take her challenge.

A BDSM toy lays out rumpled sheets beside a thought cloud that says "Yes, sir! Just like that! Please?"

BDSM negotiation- Tommy & Simon’s way

Continuing on the “UU Principles and sex” series, I really struggled placing this one. I knew I wanted to engage with Simon and Tommy and the 2nd principle, but I didn’t know when/where/at what age even- remember that their love story is a long one- Tommy at the point of Vala joining the stable has been with The Queen 15 years, Simon 12.

One complaint I have about much “BDSM erotic romance” is that I find negotiation missing; as a lifestyle submissive, I simply don’t see the reality of negotiation that is a constant in my life with my Master. And so considering the words of the 2nd UU Principle- “Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.”- I wanted to do show negotiation. What better group of people to use than Simon and Tommy who are officially the same in the hierarchy of The Queen’s stable, even though they’ve figured out the balance of power between themselves over the years; just because they’ve “figured it out” doesn’t mean it doesn’t need reconsidered sometimes.

So with that, I give you Simon and Tommy while Vala is recovering in The Queen’s Manhattan loft before he even collars her and brings her home to his mansion.

“Come here,” Simon ordered with just a touch of cooing to his voice.

Tommy shivered even as he obeyed. “Why do you always get such obedience from me?” He wrapped his arms around Simon’s waist and pressed his face against Simon’s shoulder.

“Because I meet your needs almost as much as The Queen does.” Simon stroked Tommy’s hair. “We should go sit on the couch and negotiate a scene. I think you need it.”

Tommy lifted his head. “Need?”

“Have you felt your own shoulders?” Simon began to squeeze and knead Tommy’s shoulders. “You’re a ball of nerves. Wouldn’t it be best if you let me help you?”

“Yes,” Tommy sighed.

“Like I know it’s been years since we played this way, but maybe you’d enjoy calling me sir for awhile? I heard the way your voice caught as you said yes.” Continuing to massage Tommy’s shoulders, Simon led Tommy to a sectional.

“I would, sir.” Tommy released a moan as he collapsed against Simon and the couch.

“Is it good for you to start calling me sir during negotiation though?” Simon kissed Tommy’s cheek.

Tommy murmured, “Justice, equity, and compassion—”

“In all human relations,” Simon completed the Principle for Tommy.

“Have you been reading our UU books again, sir?”

“I might never become a member because I’ve had enough joining, but a friend of the church is good.” He moved his hands to the back of Tommy’s neck. “So tell me how that Principle has anything to do with giving me a title as we negotiate a scene.”

“We agreed to it.” His words lost in groans, he leaned back into Simon and his head fell forward. “So there is nothing unjust when we’ve both consented, uh, and your mention, um, was compassionate, about the title in the first place because you’re reacting to my need, sir.”

“Hm, good points.” He traced his lips over Tommy’s earlobe as he kept rubbing. “I suggested sir. I’d like you to mention the next like you’d like or want in our scene.”

“I want a high level of bondage, please, sir. To be dependent on you,” Tommy said.

“Does that mean I should use the bed on the second floor?” Simon’s hands slid into the front of Tommy’s shirt. “So our scene can include me making love to your beautiful body?”

“Please.” Tommy pressed into the loving hands caressing his chest.

“Do you want impact play? A mixture of thuddy and stingy implements?”

Tommy moaned. “I love it when you say implements, sir.” He swallowed. “But yes, impact play, as long as your arm lasts or until I’m begging you to fuck me so you can’t resist.”

“That second isn’t a very fair parameter.” He pressed his teeth into the side of Tommy’s neck. “You know I always want to feel you writhing beneath me.”

“So could I just say ‘flog me until you want or are pleased’ sir?” Tommy smiled up at Simon.

“I can work with that.” Simon reached between him and Tommy to adjust his cock in his jeans. “So we have bondage and flogging. My turn. Blindfold, hood, or nothing impeding your sight and hearing?”

“Just a blindfold, sir? I’d like that level of dependence, but not so much as a hood. Hoods scare me,” Tommy whimpered.

“Maybe we should explore hoods more when you aren’t so wound?”

“I like that idea, sir. Does it disappoint you that I’d like you and The Queen to work with hoods with me?”

“Not at all. Sometimes your emotions are so big that you need both of us. I got over any monogamous garbage a long time ago.” He kissed Tommy’s cheek. “Your next request?”

“I feel bad asking it—” Simon’s arched eyebrow made Tommy pause in his words; he shook his head softly before continuing, “I need for it to be just us unless The Queen returns and needs one or both of us, sir.”

“Yes, baby boy.”

“Please call me that again,” Tommy whined.

“My little baby boy. I love my baby boy.” Simon kissed Tommy’s cheek. “You’re already relaxing so good, baby boy.” He strained just enough to kiss Tommy’s lips. “Should I stay in jeans until I’m ready to make love to you?”

“Jeans, please, sir.”

“Do you beg jeans because you hope they’ll get uncomfortably tight so quickly that I have to fuck you?”

“Yes, sir,” Tommy breathed.

“Or maybe I should put on those silk lounge pants The Queen bought me?” Simon chuckled.

“As you please, sir.”

“When you say things like that, it makes it so hard for me to remember we’re negotiating. Are you being a bad boy on purpose?” Simon cupped Tommy’s hard cock through his linen slacks for a moment before returning his hand to the shuddering thigh.

“Not on purpose.” Tommy gasped at both of Simon’s hands moving up into his shirt, fingers in turn caressing and pinching his vulnerable skin. “Are we done negotiating, sir? I need you so bad.”

“I think so. Impact play and then me making love to you, all with you bound and blindfolded?”

“Yes, please, sir.”

“That sounds like a good plan. Let’s go. I want to enjoy you.”

Tommy sucked his bottom lip between his teeth as he followed Simon.

And with that, I’m going to tease for the time being… for their scene isn’t the point, the negotiation is. Can you beg pretty, pretty please for me to share the scene after this series is done? :D

Masturbation Monday- Where etting off is half the fun...

Vala’s Inherent Worth and Dignity

I love how Kayla talks about the inspiration picture not being mandatory. This week, somehow the long red nails (to someone who trims her nails the moment they can be felt over the tips of her fingers, those are long) against the white skin just turned me right off. However, after looking at the picture and not liking it, I started to think on sex and religion; I know, not supposed to combine the two right? Especially if you don’t want to offend people… err… sell books. I’ve never very good at caring. :D Now a quick religious education hehe- I’m a Unitarian Universalist and we have 7 Principles that are the closest to a “creed” in our religion. ( www.uua.org to learn more if you’re interested). Starting with Masturbation Monday- and skipping Wednesday for WIP It Up Wednesday- I’ll be sharing a 7 part series of sex scenes based on the Principles.

Today is “We affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of all people.” The Queen, Tommy, and Vala were all abused by people who’d forgotten Christ’s message and were using Christianity as a justification to abuse.

A sticker about love rests on a palm.

Love on a hand

The Queen spread out the thick, dark green picnic blanket in the middle of the stand of pine trees. He threw his hair over his shoulder and stood straight. “Tommy, will there be enough light here?”

“Definitely, my Queen. The light isn’t very constant, but I don’t think you necessarily want photos that would be produced by that.” Tommy patted Vala’s hand.

Reclining on the blanket, The Queen looked up at Tommy and Vala. “Join me, baby girl.”

Vala dropped to her knees on the edge of the fabric and crawled to The Queen.

He cupped her chin and then kissed her lips. “Tell me what the First Principle says.”

Fighting against delicious shudders from The Queen’s tone of voice, Tommy picked up his camera, popped the lens cover off, and looked at the preview screen.

The Queen’s hand still on her chin, Vala murmured, “Inherent worth… and dignity of… all people.” She swallowed hard. “My Queen.”

“And are you not part of ‘all people’?”

“Yes, my Queen.” She followed his hand to the top button of her shirt with her wide eyes. “Choice?” she squeaked.

“Why would I not want to hear your consent sometimes? Enthusiastic consent is still lovely in a D/s relationship.”

“Please strip me, my Queen, because I long to know what’s going on in your head that you’ve set up this scenario.” Vala licked her lips and gazed at him with an attitude of impatient waiting.

Tommy pressed the button to take a picture.

Their gazes still connected, The Queen unfastened one white pearlescent button after another as he worked his way down Vala’s silky red shirt. Slowly her training harness showed up on Tommy’s camera as the fabric slid away from her skin.

Taking multiple pictures in these quiet moments, Tommy felt drawn into the action although he’d been ordered to document in pictures to give Vala a tangible reminder of her worth.

“Sit up and take off your shirt,” The Queen ordered.

Her chest trembled with her pants as she obeyed. The silk shirt piled beside her.

“Now tell me what sort of bottoms these are?” He traced his fingers over her silk-covered thigh.

“When you didn’t order specific clothes, just clothes, ah… my Lady Iona picked all―” She swallowed in panic when his hand slid onto her throat. “All silk.”

“I am not squeezing at all. Has this become bad that I need to stop?” His hand drifted down to her collarbone.

“No, my Queen. Um, I’m just feeling disoriented, my Queen.”

“That could be good or bad.” The Queen cupped Vala’s chin again. “Are you feeling sick or feeling the beginnings of a delightful subspace?”

“Not sick… my Queen.”

“Now I can feel that you are wearing silk on top of the leather g-string that must be very, very wet but do tell me, is it a skirt or pants?” The Queen reached with his free hand to again stroke the silk covering Vala’s legs. He pressed a soft kiss to her trembling lips. “Will you answer or do I need to check?” He moved to touch the bottom hem that rested just beneath her knees.

Tommy caught a picture of Vala’s lips parted, her chest leaning as if to assist The Queen in his check.

“Please,” she murmured.

“Please what?” The Queen eased his fingers under the edge of Vala’s skirt. “Was it too difficult to say Iona had put you in a skirt?”

“Sorry, my Queen.” Vala pressed her face against his shoulder.

He pulled her skirt up to her hips, forcing her to lift her legs and ass. With one hand on the back of her head, he ordered, “Show me your palms.”

She placed her hands on her naked thighs with the puckered skin in the shape of a cross showing against the paleness of her hands.

“You know you’re beautiful?”

Swallowing, hoping the contraction didn’t make her anxious too, Tommy took a picture of this most important moment.

“Yes, thanks, my Queen.”

He grasped her right hand and lifted it to his lips. With adoring kisses to her knuckles, he murmured, “I want to see you masturbate to orgasm now.” He shifted onto his side and propped his head up with one arm.

She cuddled into his torso even as she reached between her legs. Gasping with the sensations, she spread her labia apart with her index and ring finger. Tentatively, she pressed her middle finger against her clit.

“Good girl,” The Queen encouraged. “Make yourself come.”

“For you, my Queen?” Vala pressed her lips against this chest.

“And for you too. You deserve it, yes?”

“Yes, my Queen.” Her finger slipped just into the opening of her cunt before moving faster against her clit.

Tommy snapped the picture of Vala pressing harder against The Queen even as she manipulated her own genitals. He clutched his camera harder; he was there to take pictures. For The Queen. For Vala.

“My Queen,” she whimpered.

“Yes, my love. How close are you to coming?” The Queen dropped kisses on her forehead.

“Very!” She squeezed her legs together, trapping her hand inside her.

“Just like that, my sweet baby girl. Come for me.” He kissed her, their lips meeting and parting and meeting again. “You are so worth this pleasure, love.”

“Thank you, my Queen!” Vala threw herself back against the blanket before scuttling back into his embrace.

Taking this picture, Tommy then knelt on the edge of the blanket. “Might I please join in the cuddling, my Queen?”

“Of course.” The Queen smiled at Tommy. “Just put your camera in the basket and join us.” He kissed her forehead. “I told you that I would still want to watch you masturbate after I collared you.”

“Yes, thanks, my Queen.” She pressed a shaking hand against his chest. “Thanks, my Queen, for helping me find my worth and dignity.”

Saturday Spankings

A little jiggle?

How I’ve missed the wonderful spanky goodness of the Saturday Spankings hop; I told my Master I was working on a post for the hop and I got a fun little spanking for the mention :D. But life and my chronic illnesses have gotten the better of me this year so it’s been difficult at times to connect and sign up for hops. I’m hoping for a little respite from my depression the second half of the year.

While I don’t have the buy links yet, I do have the cover art and blurb for “Laura Challenges” (shared bellow my 8 line snippet). If you haven’t *met* Jack and Laura over on WIP It Up Wednesday, let me share with you the “Introducing Laura and Jack” post from the Sunday’s Six of the Best hop last week; that shared, you can most definitely enjoy these 8 lines without the introduction :D .

In the snippet for this hop, you get to enjoy a little of Jack and Laura flirting when he first approaches her at the club.

A hint of arm hair teased her at the neat cuff of his button down shirt. “Yes, please. A cola?”

“Not diet?”

Laura shook her head. “I’m a bit curvy and I’ve long known that I didn’t want to be with a guy who wanted a toothpick.”

He picked up their empty glasses. “Good because I like to spank an ass with some jiggle.”

banner image for "Laura Challenges," an ebook by Joelle Casteel

Because tech is failing Joelle :D banner image for “Laura Challenges,” an ebook by Joelle Casteel

Coming soon from Baronet Press…


When Laura goes out one night, she doesn’t expect to meet a handsome eligible man. She definitely doesn’t expect him to be interested in her or to ask her out on a date. Laura hits it off with Jack right from the beginning and there’s an easy connection between them. But an experience on their remarkable first date pushes her to wonder if she can have something more with Jack.

Would he be a compatible partner in meeting her sexual desires? Laura decides she wants to push her own boundaries and explore the world of BDSM. Can Jack still be the man for her? She’ll find out if he’s up to take her challenge.

buy links soon

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WIP It Up Wednesday blog hop

Big girl quickie

Hm, ageplay, but this week for #WIPiTuP, I decided some Big girl would be a good tease since “Laura Challenges” (Kink Challenge Book 1) should be out this Saturday! Keep watching for a cover reveal! The models made me so hawt! that I decided to change Laura and Jack’s hair/eye colors :D. There are definite times when I’m glad this hop is focused on WIPs; “Laura Challenges” is all done and waiting to become a book to buy, but I’m still throwing Jack and Laura into positions in “Laura Learns” (Kink Challenge Book 2)

Scene set up: The morning after Laura was a bad girl and missed Big girl time, Jack lets her have coffee with breakfast… and then this quickie happens…

“What about that Big girl time, Daddy?”

“Oh so you’re going to keep calling me Daddy even now?” He traced his thumbs over her white cotton panties. The shape of her cheeks teased him. Easing the waistband down just a bit, he brushed his thumb over the tender point where he could feel her tailbone. Quickie, not time for anal training.

Moaning as his thumb slid down her lips to part them, she whimpered, “Sir?”

“Sir’s better for now.” He pushed her panties to her knees. Slipping a condom from his jeans’ pocket, his pants and boxers found their spot at his knees. Package torn and latex rolled down onto his hard cock, he thrust into her pussy from behind.

She pressed the side of her face against the cool ceramic surface.

He clasped her hips and pulled her open further, setting himself deep in her.

“Yes, Sir,” she groaned. “Yes. Like that.”

He pounded into her, his fingers pushing hard into her hips. He let go with his right hand and reached between her legs to grab her clit. “Can you come for me?”

“Yes!” Her open mouth rubbed against the counter, smearing her light red lipstick across its white surface.

“That’s my girl.” He shoved his hand into her hair and pulled hard.

She cried out as her pussy clamped down on his cock with her orgasm. “Coming!”

“Feels so good.” He gnawed on the nape of her neck as he emptied his cum into the condom. Resting his weight on her and the island, he panted against her moist skin. “I think today, you should be a very good girl so after dinner, we can have some longer Big girl time. Don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” she mumbled.

Cover reveal? If it’s still a question mark, you may have to wait for Facebook cover reveal :D

blurb for “Laura Challenges” (Kink Challenge Book 1):

When Laura goes out one night, she doesn’t expect to meet a handsome eligible man. She definitely doesn’t expect him to be interested in her or to ask her out on a date. Laura hits it off with Jack right from the beginning and there’s an easy connection between them. But an experience on their remarkable first date pushes her to wonder if she can have something more with Jack.

Would he be a compatible partner in meeting her sexual desires? Laura decides she wants to push her own boundaries and explore the world of BDSM. Can Jack still be the man for her? She’ll find out if he’s up to take her challenge.

If you come around this Saturday to my post for Saturday Spankings, I promise to share buy links when I have them available…

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Audrey dolly faints

Sex, intersectionality, accessibility

Upfront I want to let you know that this will be a link-heavy post; I hope while you read my words, you also take the time to appreciate the resources I’m sharing. I tried to part-fangirl and part-babble about connections in a PostModern Woman article of mine; it happily hit the editing floor. I’m going to try something less unwieldy- a whole bunch of resources that I forget the order I found them had me enjoying Everyday Feminism, PostModern Woman, and Michon Neal’s writing around the same time.

EF has the particular focus on intersectional feminism- IE not just looking at “women’s issues,” but expanding that to include the intersections of race, economic class, gender identity/expression, and other identities.

PMW primarily looks at non-monogamy that is far more intersectional and ethical than what is too often the reality in the white, heterosexual, “opening up of previously monogamous relationships” focused mainstream polyamory movement. Just notice that I say non-monogamy rather than polyamory in my first line; the site hosts articles about relationship anarchy, non-hierarchical non-monogamy, and other forms. I even gave them an article- “Am I the ‘wrong’ sort of polyamory?” Because I don’t fit the mainstream notions of polyamory in so many ways.

Michon Neal writes both fiction and non-fiction. Hir fiction is wonderful example of what erotic fiction can be when mixed with intersectionality. I’ve enjoyed three of hir stories so far and love the snippets ze shares on hir blog. Then there’s hir non-fiction. I’ve been really happy to learn about amatonormativity from hir articles; the concept that romantic “coupledom” is normed enhances my understanding of my problems with hetero-, homo-, and mono-normativity. Which put in less academic/activist terms means “sometimes I just want to have sex and it doesn’t need to come with flowers.” To say the least, an enjoyable friendship has been minted; Michon managed hir post in which ze called me hir cuilmate well before I managed this one.

From both Everyday Feminism and the Intersectional Non-monogamy group Michon created on Facebook, I got super interested in accessibility. Simply explain on Wikipedia (although there’s a whole article to read to learn more here): “Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities.” In terms of social media that often means providing link titles, image descriptions, trigger/content warnings where possible.

This morning (as I write this) I’ve been taking part in a conversation about the emotional range available to BDSM dominants in “commercially-viable” BDSM erotic romance. Yes, that part in quotes is very important. I often write stuff that isn’t “commercially-viable”; it gives me metaphorical points with Michon, but it doesn’t sell me many books. That is part of why you’ll find the Patreon pages for each of the pages as well as Michon’s and my Patreon pages at the bottom of this post; even if you can only give a few dollars once or a few dollars a month, it still means a whole bunch to people like Michon and I, both of us multiply marginalized and not living lives of ease.

One big difference is putting a (self-published) book on Amazon versus Smashwords. Amazon doesn’t make it easy for us; like in their categories, last I looked when putting a book up, they engage in bisexual erasure. Books like mine that include polysexual characters who aren’t just engaging in sex outside their orientation simply get put into “lesbian and gay.” Michon tells me on Smashwords that they have an “experimental fiction” category- at least I believe that’s what ze said. There’s also a variety of intersectional considerations on Amazon/Smashwords; some people refuse to buy from Amazon for a variety of reasons.

Saying such about Smashwords :D I’m now going to share one of Michon’s books done with an attempted intersectional promo- I did this on Facebook weeks ago, but am forced to redo it today because I ran out of spoons when I started writing this.

The Black Tree, as I’ve come to learn, the first book in Michon Neal’s Cuil Effect project, introduces you to hir very cuil world, a world that is often so strange by mainstream standards it defies mainstream labels. This is a large part of what this fangirl fell in love with; I too defy labels. So tumble into Michon’s universe and meet people you never thought you’d meet; I’ll hold your hand if you’d like.

Trigger/content warning: This book includes #cuil content that’ll push you to consider things you never have, polyamory, LGBT characters, vampires/other supernatural characters/non-Earth born beings. This is by far an incomplete list so you should read hir blurb and the tags for this book as well.

Link title: The Black Tree, an ebook by Michon Neal

Image description: The background is is white. The main image is a black line drawn tree with the canopy composed of intertwining rounded lines and the bottom of the tree with roots reaching downward. To the left of the tree’s trunk are the words “The Black Tree” and “Michon Neal.”


Now let me explain what made that promo accessible. The first part is the promotional part that most authors, personal assistants, or (in this case) fangirls write is text that screen readers can read for people who are blind or otherwise have problems comprehending the written word. I include the link title because a blind friend who uses a screen reader stated that too often screen readers aren’t sure what to do with a link in his experience so he will type the link title in to find the thing being linked to. Finally you have an image description because I’m not even sure what screen readers do with images. A trigger or content warning might be a good addition, but I admit to being unsure what I would choose to put there for one of Michon’s books :D.

So I shared an accessible promo for one of Michon’s books (if you enjoy “The Black Tree,” ze has many more books published and all of them are available on Smashwords if you prefer to purchase there), I want to move on to one of my own books. This will be a new promo because I wrote the blurbs and such before I learned about accessibility, even if I’m getting to fix the novels to my new understanding as I now publish them.

Can you imagine a world where sexual orientation labels are less important and we just live in relationships with each other? If such a world sounds good to you and you also enjoy BDSM erotic romance, please check out my book “Out of the Night: Book One.” It’s the first book in a planned 9 book serial following The Queen and his large (and fluctuating) leather family of over 18 BDSM submissives, both men and women. Get your start with The Queen’s poly-family before continuing with the hot sexy, romantic times in this planned 9 book serial. Continue Vala’s Story with “Gates of the Garden” Book Two”- and “Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three” should be available soon.

Trigger/content warning: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters’ backstories, such as drug abuse.

Link title: Out of the Night: Book One, an ebook by Joelle Casteel

Image description: Surrounded by a burgundy strip of boundary, the image consists of nine panels with different pictures in each. With the exception of the middle picture of the middle row, all images are black and white. Top left- A flogger with lighter and darker pieces of material. It has many tails- it’s my Master’s favorite black-and-red flogger. Top middle- A pile of leather and metal making up a set of cuffs. Top Right- A black dog collar on a slightly lighter black background with a metal tag on it- you can’t read the words but this is my first collar from my Master. Middle left- I admit, this image and the image directly beneath it are hard to tell. If I look closely, I can tell the difference between a neglected “garden area” and my driveway. Middle row middle- the one “in color” image, this shows a pink and a white primrose flower on a path of light brown mulch chips. Middle right- A naked person is showing from about the mid-back, their arms are up and cradling their head as they lean against a wall, their long wavy hair appears to continue beyond the limits on the image. Psst- it’s me. Bottom left- A black garden area with dead looking weeds in it; yes, this is the other hard to tell image, but I know what it is because it’s proof that I don’t have a “green thumb.” Bottom middle- White vertical blinds with a decidedly dark, “dirty” spot at the bottom. They look old and worn- they’re now replaced by pretty dark brown drapes that block sound and light in my living room. Bottom right- Waves of a solid black material- I know it to be leather left over from my Master’s attempts at learning to make a bullwhip.


I’m admitting- looking at the words in Michon’s image description and mine, I’m pondering if/how I can afford different cover art LOL.

My Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/JoelleCasteel

Michon Neal’s Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/michon

Masturbation Monday- Where etting off is half the fun...

Ailee and Iven Went Too Long

I found looking at the inspiration picture for Masturbation Monday #102 that I was taking it too literally. You see, most of my writing is cuil (to use Michon Neal’s understanding) and so only some of the time do the genitals of my characters resemble the pictures. Specifically I have decided to follow Xan West‘s notions of how to be inclusive of many bodies; this translates most often into the practice of vaguely describing cocks, especially avoiding size- whether the person was born with it or it was surgically created. I questioned “do penises created by phalloplasty feel sensations?”- I’m writing this at church so I haven’t managed to look it up. I know in the case of metoidioplasty (the name for a variety of surgeries mostly used by trans men that basically releases a testosterone-enlarged clitoris to function for penetration like a penis) that the person will almost definitely retain sensation.

So after all the education of one form, let me move on to the sexy stuff…

Ailee knocked on the wall just inside Pekka and Iven’s room before entering. “Iven, love. Our Lady’s given me permission.”

Iven looked away from his computer monitor to see a very naked Ailee standing just inside his doorway. Well naked except a black nylon strap-on harness. “Permission?” he echoed dumbly.

In one hand, Ailee held a thick, translucent yellow dildo. In the other, she clasped a deeply black, unlabeled bottle. “Am I interrupting or can I use your gorgeous body for our pleasure?”

“If you have permission.” He turned off his monitor and rose. With thoughtful, precise steps he approached her. “It’s been too long.”

She placed her hands on his waist. Leaning down just enough to capture his mouth, she started their kiss that he quickly took over.

He clasped her butt, squeezing and kneading. Nestling his pelvis between her legs, he murmured against her cheek, “It seem your desire and, or the permission you were given has shaped the sexual activity you were hoping for with me.”

“My desire,” she whispered as she kissed her way from his earlobe down his jaw. “Not to say my desire couldn’t be redirected by yours.”

Iven led Ailee to his bed. He tucked a platinum blond lock of hair behind her ear.

“Beautiful boy.” She traced her fingers over his strong neck and shoulders. “Wouldn’t you like to be naked with me?”

He led her hand from his shoulder to the top button of his shirt.

Her fingers felt so warm to her against his cool skin as the fabric dropped away from his muscles. She kissed his chest, his chest hair tickling her cheeks. Moaning, she continued down the row of buttons until she could peel the button down back.

“Would it make you wet if I was to coo ‘beautiful girl’ at you in return?” He brushed his fingers over her labia, spread as they were by the harness’ strap. “I think you were wet when you came in here.”

“Yes.” She kissed her way down his chest and stomach before following his happy trail of rich brown hair to his cock. She sucked it into her mouth and delighted to feel him growing harder against her tongue.

He reached down to clutch her shoulders as she worshiped his manhood. “I love when you suck me.”

She wrapped one hand on the front of his thigh, her fingers looking so small against the muscled bulk he’d worked so hard to build. Straddling his knee, she let her hips dip and arch with the pleasure of pleasing him.

“Make yourself come,” he growled as his head rocked back on his pillow. “I bet you might be so wet you don’t need any lube to penetrate me. You were hoping to penetrate me, right?”

She groaned against his body.

“Of course you did.” He gasped as her tongue flicked harder against him. “Maybe you can penetrate me and then I can return the favor?”

She closed her eyes as the first orgasm washed through her, traveling from her clit into her vagina before coursing down her tongue to tease his cock.

“That’s right. You might be in trouble if anything became less than vanilla between us without our Lady there to direct the action.” Still clutching her by her shoulders, he guided her up to lay on top of him. “Ailee, love, get that dildo ready. I want you in my ass before you ride my cock.”

“No fair saying vanilla and then using a dommy tone of voice,” she whined. She stole a kiss before heaving herself back to her knees between his spread legs.

“I’m not the horny girl who came begging for action, am I?” He smirked as she fumbled with one release to bring the front of the harness down and settle the dildo’s base into the holder. “I was just reading for a class. Dry feminist theory. But you wanted to fuck and had gotten permission.”

She poured a thin line of lube up the dildo. Hefting it in one hand, she spread the slippery liquid from the base to the tip. She licked her lips when he lifted his legs and grabbed his ankles, effectively folding himself in half.

“Come on. Don’t you want it?” His genitals glimmered with her saliva and his pre-cum.

Cupping one asscheek, she guided the dildo into his asshole. She panted in time with his groans as the silicone spread and claimed him. With him relaxing his legs, she reached between them to wrap her hand around his cock.

He shuddered beneath her. “Just like that,” he demanded. He pushed against her.

She gripped his hips as she pounded into his ass. Jerking with the strap’s rubbing against her clit, she screamed out another orgasm.

Letting go of his ankles, he reached for her hands. “Love to watch you come.” He grunted.

She started pumping his cock again. “Come too?”

“Yeah.” He thrust up into her hand. His legs sprung forward and he wrapped them around her waist.

She moaned, his balls rubbing against the harness, teasing her with their nearness to her body.

“Want you to ride my cock now!”

Ailee pulled out of Iven, tumbling away from him. Popping the three quick release points, she pulled the harness and dildo away from her and tossed it to the floor. Gazing down at him, she took in the grace of his body, his cock that she enjoyed so much. She climbed up his legs as he pressed them together.

He grabbed her hips and settled her onto his cock; she gasped at his decisive movements. “There you are now.”

Shuddering, she came again from him inside her cunt.

“That’s a girl. Come all over my cock.” He squinted his eyes shut as his hands on her hips worked her on his cock.

“Iven oh Iven,” she whimpered as the pleasure grew too much in her body.

He struggled to sit up while still keeping their bodies connected. Their chests pressed together, he wrapped her arms around her as she clung to him through another orgasm. “Love you. You feel so good,” he murmured against her cheek. He groaned long, his body rumbling against her as he came too.

She rested her chin on his shoulder. “Shouldn’t let it go so long again, unless our Lady orders otherwise.”

“No, we shouldn’t.” Taking her with him, he lay back on his pillow. He cried out when she pulled off his cock to nestle beside him.

Lady Audrey stuck her head into Iven and Pekka’s room. “I wondered what you had planned, girl.” Shaking her head, she looked at the sex toys on the floor. “Make sure to clean that off and put it away.”

“Yes, my Lady,” Ailee answered.

“I’ll spank her if she doesn’t, my Lady.” Iven laughed when Ailee stuck her tongue out at him. “You can’t say you don’t like it when our Lady orders me to spank you.”

“No. I love your hands as much as your cock.” Ailee rested her head against Iven’s shoulder and sighed in contentment.


Introducing Laura and Jack

Six of the best- paragraphs and in this case, sexy paragraphs in which you get to meet my soon to be released characters. Their book being released, not the sweetly submissive girl shuddering at her dominant’s feet. Oh wait :D both Jack and Laura are learning, even if she made the challenge, a kink challenge that is.

I’m an infrequent visitor on this hop- I should probably fix that- but since Casey at Baronet Press and I are working on the release date for this hot book (I’m hoping for an 8/20 release), I figured I’d introduce my gorgeous couple. A mature couple, they know what they want and take it.


Laura sipped her cola; last call had just been announced on alcohol, but she’d decided to stay sober tonight. No going home with “Mr. Right” tonight. She watched as the crowd subtly changed from a younger crowd to the after hours crowd.

“Mind if I join you?” A man with the smoky good looks of a model stood beside Laura’s table.

“Not at all. My name is Laura and you are?” She gestured toward the empty chair across the small black table holding her drink and purse. She took in the neatly trimmed beard that lent him a rugged look, his buzzed head that made her think dirty thoughts of her fingers moving over his head, the way his chest filled out his shirt.

“I’m Jack.” He placed a nearly empty wine glass on the table, its reddish color seeming even darker in the gloom of the club.

“You must be new in town. I’m sure I’d have noticed you before tonight otherwise.” Laura laughed nervously.

Jack took hold of Laura’s hand where it rested beside her drink. “Just accepted a teaching position at the alternative high school.”

I don’t have a cover to reveal yet- I should have that on Wednesday if you come back and enjoy #WIPiTuP Wednesday. However I do have a blurb for “Laura Challenges” (Kink Challenge Book 1):

When Laura goes out one night, she doesn’t expect to meet a handsome eligible man. She definitely doesn’t expect him to be interested in her or to ask her out on a date. Laura hits it off with Jack right from the beginning and there’s an easy connection between them. But an experience on their remarkable first date pushes her to wonder if she can have something more 6estwith Jack.

Would he be a compatible partner in meeting her sexual desires? Laura decides she wants to push her own boundaries and explore the world of BDSM. Can Jack still be the man for her? She’ll find out if he’s up to take her challenge.


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