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HolyDempsey Leggings


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The HolyDempsey Leggings are named after my good friend who teaches Holy Yoga, a Christ-Centered Yoga practice; although, I am convinced it is a cover and she is really an assassin. Her stand for the world is that everyone lives a life they love with relationships that work. If you are interested in Holy Yoga, check out 

Cover your crack and feel loved with these fun leggings designed by internationally renown artist, JP Adkins. Need something to keep you warm and cozy over the winter? Try the winter style leggings which are fleece-lined. Either way, the soft material will keep you covered and its stretchy fabric will guarantee that you have all the comfort you need. 

  • Made from 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
  • Full-Length Standard Fit
  • Hand wash in cold water only
  • Women's Sizes
$ 41.99

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